The Coir Hydroponics Nutrients Coir Fiber Retains Water and Drains Well

More and more agronomists these days are increasingly resorting to eco-friendly cultivation techniques using the coconut coir fiber or substrate as their preferred growing medium for marijuana plants. In this context, the commercial cannabis growers are under the constant urge to produce sturdier hashish crops at an accelerated rate, in which case the cultivators have to reach the gold standard for cannabis farming, which is five crops per year. 

Thus, it is quite imperative to choose the suitable nutrients, light arrangements, and growth medium to effectively grow marijuana plants. Through such synchronized cultivation methods, more sizeable, healthier, and more robust cannabis crops can be grown in a fast-tracked growth process. Fortunately, the cultivators can find the 100% natural coir hydroponics nutrients coir fiber, supplied by RIOCOCO, as the highly functional growth medium for the marijuana plantlets. 

How Coir Fiber From RIOCOCO Serves As A Hydroponic Growing Media For Cannabis?


The 100% organic growth medium of coco coir fiber is furnished by RIOCOCO as the most preferred eco-friendly nutrient for cannabis crops. In this context, the coir fiber is blended with the nutrient solution by breaking the starter blocks and disintegrating them. As the coir substrate comes with optimal absorbency of water, it can effectively aerate the root system with the vital 30% oxygen, triggering the maximum growth rate of the marijuana saplings. Again, the cultivators can also blend the coir fiber with vermiculite for bringing heightened breathability and quicker propagation. 


This natural coir fiber also possesses increased anti-fungal and anti-bacterial attributes for repelling the pests, and associated ailments, therein keeping the marijuana plantlets healthy and strong. Besides, with a neutral pH level of 5.5 to 6.5 of the coir fiber, the nutrients can be directly applied and quickly allocated to the roots network. Moreover, the coir fiber can also be used as a sowing medium with the cuttings of the marijuana plantlets for effective growth. 


What Major Benefits Are Gained By Using The Coir Fiber In Nutrient Solution?


Suitable Air-Circulation to the Roots with the Least Plant Bugs


The coco coir fiber can be blended with leaf mould for absorbing an adequate and equal air to water ratio to generate maximum aeration to the roots system. In the process, the root network gains more breathability, triggering better growth for the marijuana plantlets. The agronomist can also choose the pre-mix coco coir substrate, or mix the tailor-made nutrient formula for devising the optimal growth of the cannabis crops. 


Again, with the neutral pH level of coir fiber, the determinants to control the propagation of cannabis crops can be effectively adjusted. In this context, the pre-mixed coir fiber of the PCM Line is rendered by RIOCOCO to save the money and time of the agronomists in being the ready-to-cultivate growth medium for cannabis crops. In addition, such coir pre-mixes come with unique germicidal properties, as they come with an exclusive organic polymer or lignin that fortifies the support cells of marijuana plantlets, negating the dilemmas of pests and allied plant diseases. 


Eco-Friendly Growth Medium Offering Appropriate Nourishment


Dissimilar to peat moss, the 100% organic and OMRI-certified coir fiber functions as a highly effective sustainable growth media, and are obtained directly from the ripened coconut husks. Such renewable coco coir fibers come with enhanced CEC, which is an ion exchange capacity to supply nutrient cations to the soilless growth medium. This cation exchange capacity thereby aids in absorbing the nutrients like potassium, calcium, zinc, and iron from the nutrient solution. 


Final Verdict


Keeping in mind the major benefits offered by the eco-friendly plant growth medium of coir hydroponics nutrients coir fiber from RIOCOCO, it is highly recommended for the cultivators to obtain appropriate propagation for the marijuana saplings through tank farming methods. 


RIOCOCO/Ceyhinz Link, Inc, is the leading 100% organic coconut Coco medium manufacturer and supplier to the Hydroponics, Vertical Farms, Rooftop Gardening, Urban Gardening, Open Field and Retail/Hobby Gardening industries.
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