Places to Visit in Egypt
Places to Visit in Egypt

 Egypt where ancient history and culture that date to more than 4500 years can be found painted all across the city. You will hear the echo of ancient tales coming from the horizon` and experience what all the immortal wonders that create the memories of a lifetime.

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 Beyond the gates of the heavenly city of Cairo exists some of the most enchanting monuments in the world’s history. After the pharaonic age, the city acted as a center for the orthodox community in the Coptic era during the late 4th century where many amazing churches like the hanging church, Abu serga church and many more where created also a church was turned into the Ben Ezra synagogue. Cairo is known as the city of minarets when it became the center of the Islamic capital under the name fustat in 641 AD by Amr Ibn al-as who built his own mosque. In 870 AD the marvelous mosque of Ibn Tulun was built which is considered by many to be the most ideal example of Islamic architecture, and in 970 AD the golden brick road Khan El Khalili Bazaar and Al Muizz Street came to be, so your Egypt tour packages will not complete without visiting these places. The most prominent landmark in Cairo is the epic Cairo citadel of Salah El Din which was constructed in the 11th century to a powerful fortress against foreign invaders.



On the west bank of the Nile near Cairo and Egypt’s first capital Memphis which the great city of Giza which holds the three great pyramids of Giza created in the old kingdom (2575-2150 BC) including the last intact wonder of the ancient world the pyramid is Khufu, the oldest and biggest statue in the world the sphinx that has the head of man and the body of a lion and the heavenly solar boat museum of Khufu and a number of other pyramids located across the city.



The JEM of the Mediterranean “Alexandria” is located on the northern central coast of Egypt where it served as the capital during the Greco-roman period. Alexander the Great built it in 332 BC to spread the Hellenic culture all cross Egypt and beyond.  It once held the ancient light House of Alexandria that was destroyed by earthquakes in 1323 AD and in its location rose the citadel of Qaitbay in 1477 AD to be a defensive fortress against the Ottoman empire, also the legendary Library of Alexandria that once contained millions of scrolls was destroyed in 48 BC but a new library called Bibliotheca Alexandria was constructed to commemorate the memory of the ancient one. The grand pillar of Pompey from the Roman Period that was constructed in 297 AD to be the largest monument of its kind to be outside of Rome. The extraordinary catacombs of Alexandria are one of the middle ages Seven Wonders that was used as a Roman burial chamber from the 2nd to the 4th century.



The city of hundred doors Luxor is one of the globe’s greatest open-air museum which is located in Upper Egypt and used to be the capital of the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom and is famous for being the home of the biggest man-made religious temple in the world El-Karnak which is dedicated to the holy trinity Amon, Mut  and Khonsu. At the entrance of the city is the Colossi of Memnon which belongs to Amenhotep III in the 18th dynasty. The Temple of Luxor is the second largest temple after EL-Karnak Temple which celebrates the festival of Opet. The city also holds The Valley of the Kings which holds m63 tombs to the biggest names in ancient Egyptian history like Ramsess the great and Tutankhamen. The beautiful temple of Queen Hatshepsut is a perfect example of the pure classical architectural style.



The city of Aswan has always been the final frontier of Egypt in ancient times and gained fame In the new Kingdom (1550-1070) when queen Hatshepsut ordered the construction of the Unfinished Obelisk which showcases many details about the construction process of the obelisk through the history of ancient Egypt. The glorious temple of Abu Simbel was also constructed in 1244 B.C during the new kingdom by Ramses the great to immortalize his legacy. The Philae Temple was built in the Greco-roman period in 696 BC to showcase the religious aspects of the ancient kingdom. In 237 BC, The Temple of the Sky God Hours, Edfu Temple was created on the battleground against his Evil uncle God Set. In the Greco-roman the double temple of Kom Ombo was built between 332 and 395 BC that pay respects to the crocodile god Sobek of the Nile. The modern wonder of the Aswan dam is able to turn some heads.

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On the coastal lines of the red sea lies the city resort of Hurghada which is a magical combination of beauty, adventure, and tranquility that every true traveler desires. The city stretches for 60 m on the red sea coast and contains 7.5 mi of crystal waters, sandy beaches and grand mountains within the eastern desert. Hurghada is known for being one of the first diving bases on the red sea and the holder of the biggest collection of water sports like diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and various others. Hurghada is popular for its abundance of hotels, restaurants, sun loungers, spas, and the coolest wildest nightlife. The divine nature of the Bedouin culture in the heart of the eastern desert will bring amazement and excitement to your life. Hurghada offers the chance to explore the natural beaches filled with the harmonious underwater ecosystem under the most tropical climate possible

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