How to Spot Toxic Behaviors in Relationships

signs of toxic relationship

Toxic relationships are hard to spot. There are some behaviors that clearly cross the line, such as physical, emotional, verbal, or financial abuse. But more subtle signs of toxicity are just as problematic. While every relationship has some toxicity, in a toxic relationship, the toxicity begins to spiral out of control and create problems. Here are some signs of a toxic relationship:

Instinctive jealousy: You may notice that your partner constantly questions everything you do and says, even your own decisions. Whether you like it or not, you should not be in a relationship with someone who constantly questions your decisions. If this sounds like your partner, then it's time to get out. Check it Out is a red flag that your partner is toxic. If you are constantly questioning and monitoring each other's decisions, then this is a clear sign that your relationship is in trouble.

Lack of communication: One of the most common signs of a toxic relationship is a lack of communication between the two partners. Arguments and miscommunication become the norm in a toxic relationship. One or both partners refuse to listen to the other and don't respect the other's point of view. Instead of solving a problem, arguments are more about blame-shifting and recrimination. Eventually, you will feel like a caged bird.

Over-involvement: The relationship might be characterized by over-involvement from both sides. The partner's family is constantly interfering in your privacy. It might even never take your side in an argument. These signs of over-involvement can quickly escalate a relationship into a toxic one. If your partner's family is constantly in your relationship, you could experience isolation and feelings of insecurity.

Lack of support: When your partner is not supportive of your growth, it may be time to start looking elsewhere. In a healthy relationship, your partner celebrates your career advancement and encourages you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. In contrast, an introverted partner may neglect your development and may be using you to gain control. Envy is almost as damaging as infidelity. So, the next time you hear your partner blaming you, take action.

The inability to express your emotions: One of the most common signs of a toxic relationship is when your partner constantly finds fault in you. In a toxic relationship, your partner doesn't express affection or support your interests or hobbies. Instead, they criticize certain aspects of your personality. If you find this to be true, you need to leave the relationship. If you're not ready to make the difficult decision to leave your partner, your relationship is becoming a toxic one.

Verbal abuse: Verbal abuse can come in many forms. Unlike normal arguments and fights, verbal abuse is designed to control the other person. Verbal abuse can lead to physical abuse if you're not careful. Name-calling, personal attacks, harsh criticisms, and character assassination are some of the most common verbal signs of toxic relationships. Another sign of toxic relationships is gaslighting. This type of psychological abuse forces the victim to question their sanity and perception of reality.

signs of toxic relationship

Toxic relationships are hard to spot. There are some behaviors

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