Huge Protests Continue in Kiev

The Ukrainian opposition has called its supporters to continue to occupy the center of Kiev, after a huge demonstration that saw at least 100 000 people in favor of the EU trade pact.

"I urge everyone to stay on the square today ,"  Vitali Klitschko , a leader of the opposition said a rally Sunday night. "We need to mobilize the entire country and not lose the initiative," he added. Thousands of demonstrators remained on the Independence Square Sunday night.

Protesters took control Sunday December 1 of the premises of the mayor of Kiev during the demonstrations, said a spokesman for the police. " Those responsible for enforcement are in talks with citizens who have taken control of the local town hall. They explained that their actions are illegal and asked them to leave the building , " said the spokeswoman , Olga Bilyk .

At least 100,000 pro- EU demonstrators met in Independence Square to demand the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych, call early elections and the resumption of relations with the EU that was suspended last week. " We are here , we will set up tents . Starting today is the beginning of a general strike ,  "said one of the opposition leaders , Oleg Tiagnibok before the crowd.

One hundred Ukrainian policemen were injured in clashes on the sidelines of the opposition demonstration in Kiev , announced a spokesman for the police. Hundreds of young people, most wearing masks, took part in the fighting , throwing stones at riot forces who used stun grenades.

Police officials said that at least 15 officers were hospitalized after clashes with protesters, who at one point used a bulldozer to try to break through a barricade. Some protesters were seen setting objects on fire and throwing them at security forces. Others broke through a police barrier that was protecting a Christmas tree, climbed the tree and topped it with the Ukrainian flag.

The gathering takes place in a tense atmosphere with violent dispersals Saturday morning by riot forces againts demonstrators who occupied the Independence Square . The opposition was able to mobilize tens of thousands of people in Kiev. In a letter read out Saturday with her ​​daughter Yevgenia , the opponent and imprisoned former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko urged Ukrainians to mobilize.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who refused to sign a trade agreement with the European Union.
Yanukovych is in a tight spot. Under severe economic pressure from Ukraine's giant neighbor, Russia, not to join the EU, he also was facing a key EU demand that he was unwilling to meet: freeing former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, his bitter political opponent.

Two years ago, she was found guilty of abuse of office in a Russian gas deal and sentenced to seven years in prison in a case widely seen as politically motivated. Her supporters say she needs to travel abroad for medical treatment.

Viktor Yanukovych will visit Russia in the near future after refusing to sign an agreement with the European Union Sunday, the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said. This visit will take place after a planned visit to China next week by the Ukrainian president .

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