3 Ultimate Secrets of User Memory Design For A Long-Lasting Experience

3 Ultimate Secrets of User Memory Design For A Long-Lasting Experience

Do you know that whatever we remember are not just bad and good things that we experience, it is actually the memory that stores a few major moments? 


Memory is a collection of snapshots and experience is a stream. However, the remembering self is the ultimate boss as it determines our learning experience. 


Similarly, your customer’s remembering self makes the decision whether they are liking your product, whether they are going to use that product again and whether they will share their experience with their peers. 


Basic Understanding Of User Memory Design


By now you have understood that memory is different from experience and the remembering self is the sole decider. You might be thinking if the whole focus should be on the user experience design? 


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Yes, you should now think of yourself as the best user experience designer. As a designer, you are now ready to design your product for an experience which people will complete. But you also need to consider how the experience would translate into a positive memory. 


These positive memories will make people choose your products and services again and again. What we need to do is to design with both experiencing and the remembering self in mind. 


Secrets To Long-lasting Designing Experiences


Creating the best designing experience is one of the best ways to gain new users. Also, it is the ultimate way to win back your old users. 


Let’s check out some of the mind-boggling ideas on how you can design the best user experience for both experiencing and remembering self:


  1. Do Not Spoil Your Endings


First, think about where your design endings are pointing to? Are they screwing things up for your users? 


When a user finishes a session and keeps away from experience for a long time, then this means that your ending was not ok. If you are doing it in the right way, then the users will not keep away for very long. 


Let’s take the example of a digital experience.


If your users land on one of your blogs and see a handful of other relevant blogs that might interest him or her and might further choose to read them. This could be considered as one of the best examples of a perfect ending. 


  1. Slow Down (When Required)


Give your users some time to recall back their experiences with your products and services. To a certain extent, you have the freedom to get hold of the pace of thinking of your users. 


If your user had a good experience with you, then they will definitely come back. However, if they had a bad experience, then give them some time. Slow things down and come up with new techniques for creating a better experience. 


This means that you are actually caring for your users by offering them a better experience.


  1. Create Peak Moments


Peak moments are the best moments that your user had with you. Here, the user is able to identify the emotional design that has actually stood out and is worth remembering. 


Elements of emotional design help to make a long-lasting experience in the user’s mind. 


Therefore, focus on integrating all your resources to create an emotional peak point that will leave a long-lasting positive impression on the user. 


  1. In The End, It’s Time To Be A Story Designer


Human beings are the best story-teller in the entire planet. We are constantly weaving our experiences into a story which of course makes sense to us. 


So, how do we leverage this advantage?


One useful tool that would help in applying the fundamental of storytelling thinking is through journey mapping or experience mapping. 


Journey mapping or experience mapping is the perfect way of bringing your quantitative and qualitative research together in one place by visualizing the story which the user has experienced with your products and services. 


Concluding Facts


Although memory and experience are strikingly similar to each other but are actually systematically different. Although designing for experience is crucial, but being a user memory designer is even more important. 


Only then, you will be able to gain more users and retain back the old ones. The globally known mobile app development companies these days, are focusing on maximizing their output by enhancing the user experience


The reason behind this is that the user memory design is the only thing which creates a long-lasting experience in your users’ mind. 


Ready for your next app development project?


Do keep these top 3 secrets in mind. 



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