4 Of The Best Entertainment Ideas To Have At Your Party
4 Of The Best Entertainment Ideas To Have At Your Party

Despite best efforts, some people just don’t like going to certain parties or events. Whether it’s the small talk, terrible DJ or unappealing food, there are many reasons why people dislike certain events. If you’re planning on hosting a party in the near future and are stuck for ideas as to what you can do for entertainment to make people have a fun time, then thinking outside of the box is sometimes the best way to get people laughing, chatting and most importantly having fun!


Interactive Food And Drink Stations

Parties usually involve one kind of food= beige. Stale sandwiches, sausage rolls and a variety of other assorted breaded items usually make up the food offering at a party, so why not mix things up a little with interactive food and drink stations


From customisable champagne or cocktail bars to transformed horseboxes come cocktail station, there are so many different drink stations you can add to your party. When it comes to food, try something exciting and tasty - something which people actually choose to eat away from your party. Sizzling stir-fry stations and pop up pizza ovens are popular choices, as are donut walls and churros. 


Casino Tables

Setting up casino tables at your party is a fun and easy way to add some fun to your party. Whether you go with slot machines, blackjack or roulette tables, it’ll be much easier to go with a specialist company rather than setting it up yourself. Invest in a professional croupier to save yourself learning the rules beforehand - being a dealer isn’t as easy as it looks! Provide guests with tokens or fun money to gamble with to prevent things from getting a little too competitive as the night goes on!


Social Photo Booths

Partygoers love photos, whether it be because of what they are wearing or long lost friends they’re catching up with, but having lasting momentos of a fun evening is a great way to get everyone involved. Thanks to today’s technology, there are so many different photo booths to choose from and a whole host of different props to use, which make it easier and more appealing for people to use and share the images directly to their social media. 


If you’re having a themed party, then why not invest in something a little more special, like a glitter artist. For Halloween parties especially, having a professional makeup artist apply Halloween glitter makeup will make your guests happier and even more party-ready!



Caricaturists are always a huge hit at events and parties and almost all party-goers will love sitting with their friends and family and having a fun picture drawn of them to keep forever. Caricaturists are more high-tech now, with some using tablets to draw and create their work and then projecting their work around the room for maximum entertainments for your guests. For something a little different, why not look at a silhouette artist instead? People often loiter around parties or stick to their own area of the room, so a silhouette artist can walk around the room making sure that no one misses out on the fun and they always get a great reception. Silhouette artists cut the profile of guests into paper and stick it onto card as a souvenir to take home


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