Seem overwhelming the first time you start play Elden Ring

Seem overwhelming the first time you start play Elden Ring

The head in the Academy, Rannala is the one who gives players the option of changing your specs once you defeat her Elden Ring Runes, so when you're unhappy with the build or want to try out different stat allocations It's a good starting point.

Sadly, you can't just walk straight in. If you walk toward the entrance gate, you'll notice the gate is sealed blocking access. It requires an Academy Glintstone Key to get through and there's one in close proximity.

Head to the small islands just to the west of the academy and you'll be able to find the key of an unmoved dragon. You can fight him if you want it, or make use of Torrent to speed up and take it away before making a quick get-away.

The manor is residence for this manor belongs to the Carian royal family and is located in the northern region of Liurnia. Although smaller than Raya Lucaria Academy, this region is filled with really disturbing enemies.

And culminates in a fight with the boss. It's here you'll find the Sword of Night and Flame as well as the final boss to defeat. will allow you to access The Three Sisters behind the manor and where you'll get to meet Ranni and start her questline.

The journey to the manor is pretty simple. Begin on the western part of Liurnia lake and walk toward the north. Ruins seemingly block your path, but you can find an illusory wall on the northern bank that disintegrates when attacked, or rolled into. Be aware when entering the manor to the first time. It is evident that the Carians don't appreciate visitors.

This little area is hidden into the cliffs of the southern region of Liurnia. You can reach it via the lake and walk up to the village inside that hollowed-out rock. There's nothing much you can do there, apart from getting to know Nepheli as well as killing a mini-boss in the area, but it is also the home of one-half of the Haligtree Medallion, needed for an endgame hidden location.

It's probably not the best idea to avoid Raya Lucaria Academy or Caria Manor if it's your first time in the game, but if you've run into the wall with any of the bosses in these areas or you're looking to test something new and exciting, you'll be able to get into Altus Plateau without using the Grand Lift of Dectus.

From the northwest corner of the lake, head towards the ravine, and you'll eventually come across a shack that has an elevated structure that lies behind it. The way to get there is quite straight-forward, however there are some challenging enemies to take on as you make your way through. Most notable are bat-like opponents who prefer to stay hidden until the very end.

This route does come with a boss fight however, you can utilize the summon sign beside the fog gate, in addition to spirit ashes when you're having issues. Also, I would not recommend visiting this area until you've at least attempted Raya Lucaria Academy but it is possible to travel to Volcano Manor located in Mt Gelmir from Liurnia. There are a couple of alternatives.

Take the waterwheel lift that you took to access the Schoolhouse classroom at the Site of Grace however, make sure to take it all the way to the bottom. Let the enemy below to kill you with the grab attack buy Elden Ring weapons, and you'll be transported to the area under Volcano Manor. You'll have to take down one of the bosses to progress, but once done then you'll have access to Mt Gelmir and it's just a short run to the Volcano Manor entry point.

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