9 Online Platforms for your Online Events

9 Online Platforms for your Online Events

Are you searching for the best online event platform for your next event? Hence, below are the various solutions that can be the end of your search.


  1. Dreamcast


Dreamcast is a virtual exhibition platform that increases product sales as well as business growth. Moreover, it offers countless features and functionalities as follows:


  • 3D Customizable Environment: You can develop and design your entire virtual event yourself. Moreover, you can design music, tabs, icons, and touchpoints for your event.

  • Browser-Based Solutions: Attendees can easily log in to the virtual event via the browser. Moreover, no one will need to download any app or software.

  • Dynamic Banners: You can display various banners of your brand, partners’ brands, as well as other sponsors’ brands at your virtual event using the dynamic banner functionality.

  • DIY Virtual Booths Builder: You can design and build your own virtual booth as well as partners and sponsors can showcase their brand with virtual booths. Moreover, attendees can reach the booths and even connect with the brand representative via the booth.

  • Easy Navigation: Attendees can get full navigation from to end in various ways. Moreover, they can see the introduction video or follow the 360-degree navigator.

  • Access Management and Control: You can control the attendees' access to the various parts of your virtual event. Moreover, the host uses such a feature for a paid session, VIP session, or any subscription-based zone.

  • Live Notifications: You can share all the updates, changes, and other announcements using the notifications. Moreover, it is a pop-up feature that displays on the attendee's screen.

  • Social Wall: You can showcase all your social media comments and moments to the fans and attendees live in your virtual expo.

  • Signature Wall: Attendees can write comments on the signature wall as well as share how they are feeling and experiencing the virtual event.

  • Seamless Networking: Attendees can connect with anyone at the virtual event. Moreover, they can even exchange their business cards on a request as well as approval basis. Also, they can discuss in group or 1:1 with the speakers or other attendees via the networking table. It is a round table with 8-seater capabilities where people discuss a specific topic.

  • AI Matchmaking Tool: Attendees can get friends’ suggestions online via artificial intelligence technology. Moreover, AI analyzes the demographics and other information to match the interests of people at the event.

  • Document Library: Attendees can get access to view as well as download the various documents provided by the hosts, speakers, and other partners.

  • Communication Tool: Attendees can connect with anyone at the virtual expo. Moreover, they get the 1:1 or group chat as well as live audio or video calls to communicate with anyone from sponsors to hosts to attendees to everyone at the event.

  • Live Polls, Q&A Sessions, as well as Surveys: You can conduct various live audience polls, Q&A sessions, or surveys to keep your attendees engaged throughout the event.

  • Emoticons, Heart, Thumbs Up, Clap & Hoot: Attendees can share their feelings using the heart, thumbs up, or other emoticons. Also, they can use the clap and hoot sound to encourage the speakers.

  • AR and VR Games: Participants can play numerous AR/VR games such as the spin wheel, word cloud, quiz or contests, trivia, etc.

  • AR Photo Booths: Attendees can take multiple photos that can even be downloaded or uploaded on social media.

  • Feedback Form: You can create a feedback pop-up to collect the valuable follow-ups from your participants at the end of your event.

  • Analytics and Detailed Reporting: You can get the digital footprinting of all the attendees at your virtual event. Also, you can get real-time as well as robust data tracking with Dreamcast.

  • 24/7 Real-Time As Well As Local Time Zone Support: Attendees can reach the support experts for any technical error.


  1. Hopin


Hopin is a well-known virtual art exhibition platform. Moreover, you can get the features as follows:


  • Attendee experience

  • Customization

  • API integrations

  • Basic as well as advanced analytics

  • Email and chat support

  • Event upgrades

  • Event registration


  1. Hubilo


Another virtual medical exhibition platform is Hubilo. Moreover, you can get the functionality as follows:


  • Event creation

  • Session scheduling

  • Performance and reliability

  • Event Configuration

  • Event Marketing

  • Speaker Access and Control

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Virtual Lobby

  • Built-In Webcasting

  • Webcasting Integrations

  • Cross-Device Functionality

  • Online Event Agenda

  • Interactive Content

  • 1:1 Networking

  • Exhibitors/Sponsorships


  1. Accelevents


One of the best virtual expo platforms is Accelevents. Moreover, it provides various features, some of which are:


  • 24/7 customer support

  • Gamification features like badges and awards

  • Email marketing, accounting, and event management Integrations

  • Integrated ticketing and event registration system

  • Event landing pages website

  • Scalable attendee options

  • Attendee tracking and metrics

  • Pre-recorded and live video sessions

  • Live chat, live polling, and Q&A features

  • An event app with attendee tracking and connectivity

  • Social spaces and a virtual event


  1. Tame


Tame is a well-known online event platform that provides various features. For instance:


  • Attendance Management

  • Attendee Management

  • Chat or Messaging

  • Communication Management

  • Conferences or Conventions

  • Conferencing

  • Contact Management

  • Credit Card Processing


  1. Kestone


Kestone is one of the best virtual expo platforms that offer the following features:


  • Photo-booths

  • Gaming Zone

  • Support for Emojis & Reactions

  • Audience Polls

  • Quizzes and Leaderboard

  • Support for Multiple Languages

  • Accessibility Features for Differently-Abled People

  • Customizable 3D Environments

  • Two-Way Video Conferencing.


  1. Big Maker


Big Maker is a virtual expo platform. Moreover, there are various features you can get such as:


  • Customizable Landing Page

  • Registration, Ticketing, and Payment

  • Custom 2D or 3D Lobby

  • Agenda, Sessions, Streaming

  • Expo Hall, Sponsor Activation

  • Hybrid Events Mobile App

  • On-Demand Badge Printing

  • Event Production

  • Live Event Monitoring

  • On-Demand Video or Resource Hub

  • Attendee Directory

  • AI Matchmaking

  • Chat Rooms and Roundtables

  • Video Chat & Speed Networking

  • Gamification

  • Chatbot Integration

  • Live Video Q&A

  • CRM/MAS Integrations

  • Custom Event Domain


  1. Snapbar


Snapbar is one of the best virtual exhibition platforms that provides features such as:


  • Registration

  • Email automation

  • Email customization

  • Event Configuration

  • Event Marketing

  • Speaker Access and Control

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Virtual Lobby

  • Built-In Webcasting

  • Webcasting Integrations

  • Online Event Agenda

  • Interactive Content

  • 1:1 Networking

  • Exhibitors/Sponsorships


  1. Airmeet


Airmeet is a well known virtual event platform that offers:


  • Recording

  • Registration

  • Attendee Live Chat

  • Polls and Surveys

  • Attendee Reports

  • Event Configuration

  • Speaker Access and Control

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Virtual Lobby

  • Built-In Webcasting

  • Cross-Device Functionality

  • Online Event Agenda

  • Interactive Content

  • 1:1 Networking

  • Exhibitors as well as Sponsorships


So, these are the various online event platforms that can be helpful in your next online event.  

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