6 Tips for Generating more Revenue from Your Magento 2 store

6 Tips for Generating more Revenue from Your Magento 2 store

According to a report from Godaddy, on average, there are 16 eCommerce stores that are launched every day.

This makes eCommerce business tough!

The success of an e-commerce store is determined by the number of successful conversions and sales. The ability of the store owners to capture new customers along with maintaining their existing customers plays a crucial role in revenue generation.

Understanding customer behavior and then customizing the strategies accordingly is a must. Technological advancements move at a rapid pace and if you don't sync with them, your store will be left behind by the fierce competition.

Here are some insights that can help you enhance your eCommerce conversions for your Magento store.

  1. The placement of CTAs (Call to Action) such as "Add to cart" or "Continue to checkout" plays a significant role in generating sales. Experiment with the placement of primary CTAs and carefully examine what brings more revenue to your store. You can provide improved opportunities to buyers to click through by placing these options both above and below for an easy reach.
  2. When the CTA text is descriptive, it results in an increased number of clicks. Therefore, instead of putting "Purchase" as the CTA, try putting "Buy Now."
  3. When shoppers are scrolling through your site on their smartphones, it is more convenient when the size of the CTA buttons is large. Thus, make sure you keep this factor in mind and convey this to the developers of your team.
  4. It is a common assumption that e-commerce trust badges increase the level of trust. But before blindly believing it and taking any action, ponder carefully over the implications. Too much of trust badges leads to user skepticism and leads to drop-offs.
  5. Use CTAs for conveying progress in the buying process. A CTA such as "Just one more step to go" assures the customer that all is going well and there are not many steps to follow right before the checkout.
  6. A simplified interface without product offers, promotions, badges, or shipping information is appreciated by the buyers.
  7. The field for coupon code might not work well for your store every time. Shoppers might open a new tab to search for coupons and if they don't find one, they might leave the purchase incomplete.
  8. Value propositions such as "Easy Returns" should be kept in close proximity to the primary CTA. Highlight them in prominent places as this would retain trust.
  9. Any page that is not within the checkout funnel should not be made available for navigation before the buyer checks out. This reduces the chances of an abandoned cart.
  10. You should understand that the browsing part is mostly over when the user adds products to the cart. Make it obvious with the help of animation that pop up leading to the basket and prompts the users to an easy checkout.

A tactful combination of adding value to your store and offering the customers with a personalized shopping experience is an essential constituent of running an e-commerce store.

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