All About Protein You Want to Know for Optimal Health

All About Protein You Want to Know for Optimal Health

What is protein?

Protein is a micronutrient that is necessary to keep alive and especially for those who want big muscles. Proteins are naturally present in animals and its products. It is also present in plant bodies but, in small amounts. Proteins are made up of smaller molecules named amino acids, which are linked together like a string. Sometimes amino acids can be produced by the body, while mostly all get from food. When the body cannot produce it, then us take feeds are called the essential amino acids. Most commonly found in meat, seafood, poultry, and dairy products.

Why we all need an optimum quantity of protein daily

ü  Our body requires it in large amounts for building muscle and tissue repairing or also have roles in enzymes synthesis and hormone production.

ü  People always confused over protein, fats, and carbs, but, all want to eat more protein daily. Generally, people want to consume more protein to stay away from vitamin deficiency.

ü  When you want to lose your weight and or gain some muscle, then protein is needed in large quantity.

ü  Proteins are hard to digest, so consume only after knowing your body requirements.

The power of protein in your diet

Protein is vital for every cell in your body as hair and nails are mostly made up of proteins. The body needs protein in large amount for every cell and tissue repair. The body utilizes protein in the synthesis of hormones, enzymes, and body fluids. Protein is building blocks of skin, blood, muscle, bones, and nails. Protein is another macronutrient along with carbohydrates and fats; the body requires in the large amount. On the other hand, the body demands more protein than any other macronutrient because the organization doesn't store protein like fats and carbohydrates.

How much is good enough for daily life

People think more protein can cause his muscle big and robust and gulping protein powders without knowing their quantity. Only regular physical exercise can make your muscle big. During bodily exercise tissues and muscles, and when you consume protein, it repairs the damaged tissues and repairs it. So, do not waste a large quantity of protein when you are doing less physical work. Carbs and fats give you more power as compare to protein as people only focus on protein. Carbs and fats are the primary sources of energy in our body rather than protein.

  • Every ordinary worker needs about 40-60 grams of protein to fulfil his daily requirement.
  • Normal working women require 30-50 grams of protein a day to survive better.
  • Active athletes and sportsperson require much protein to match are daily requirements as they need a minimum of 100 grams of natural proteins.
  • Heavy- lifters and international athletes have advised taking 150-200 grams of protein a day.

Protein-rich foods you should eat daily

v  Animal products like meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy products as milk, paneer, and yoghurt.

v  Some plants and herbs are also rich in protein content as broccoli, peas, spinach, and asparagus.

v  Proteins are mainly present in animal's products like red meats and poultry products as all should include some chickens and eggs in his daily diets.

v  Animal proteins are higher quantity than plant proteins as some nuts and seeds like almonds, nuts and seeds like pumpkin and sesame.

When people think about protein-rich foods, fruits rarely come in the mind as some fruits are rich in protein contents. The only concern about consuming fruits instead of animal and plant products is the higher carbohydrates quantity. Fruits like jackfruit, cherries, guava, apricots, and raisins are rich in protein quantity along with essential vitamins and minerals.



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