Few Tips to Consider When Buying Artificial Grass
Few Tips to Consider When Buying Artificial Grass

Your budget is not the only thing to consider when you decide to cover your garden with artificial grass. Turf field installation is nothing short of an investment, and if you want your turf to last long, making the right choice is necessary. First of all, you need to know why you have to choose artificial grass. The below points would answer them.


  • To look beautiful over a long period with no messy mud around.
  • To save yourself the effort in maintaining a natural law
  • To stand up under the stress of kids and pets


The following are the few points that you need to be aware of before installing the turf field in your place.


 Set the budget


  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to set your budget. This will be the deciding factor of what type of artificial grass you can afford. Although purchasing a high-quality artificial grass is not cheap, it would be less than the cost of maintaining a well-preserved natural grass lawn. Most of the artificial grass will be sold in meter squared, so letting the retailer know how much you can afford per meter will help them filter the products available at the specific rate.


 Consider the traffic


  • The second most important thing to consider is the amount of traffic in the area where you wish to install the turf field. You will have to install a highly durable artificial grass if you have kids or pets who love to play outdoor games. The artificial grass will wear out so easily if we install less durable grass in areas like that. Also, never forget to make your choice considering the usage of the lawn in the future. 


 Opt good quality grass


  • A quality artificial grass will usually have a softer and non-abrasive texture. If you want softer material, it would be suggested for you to go for polypropylene or polyamide artificial grasses. A high-quality turf will not only have softer material but they will also be evenly backed and well-stitched and also available inconsistent color. Since the turf field installation is a long-term investment, you must choose the quality of grass wisely. Look for reputed manufacturers or retailers to find the worth of your money. If buying online, compare the price and samples among different sites and find the best one that suits you.


 Choose the right pile height


  • Pile height is nothing but the length of the grass blade. If you want a lush-looking lawn, you can choose long pile height, but over time due to gravitational pull and longer pile height, they will bend over themselves because longer the pile height, heavier is the weight. So to keep your lawn naturally good looking, it would be suggested to go for the pile height of 30-37 mm. If you have plans to place furniture on the turf, choose a shorter pile height because it provides sustainability. But keep in mind to brush the turf upright regularly for better performanc.




  • Though artificial grass has less maintenance than the natural grass it doesn’t mean that it is maintenance-free. Maintaining artificial grass well will increase its durability and keep it looking great for years to come. They come in a variety of green shades namely, olive green, lime green, darker green, etc. Cheaper grass will come in a single flat green shade which will give poor look to the lawn. So choose the one which looks perfect in the sun complementing your house. 


Thus, for those who want a beautiful lawn with less maintenance, artificial grass would be a life-saver. Consider the above-mentioned points and make the right choice in choosing the best artificial grass.

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