The significance of learning about Disruptive Business Strategy 
The significance of learning about Disruptive Business Strategy 

Do you know what the commonality between digital cameras and Dodo birds? They are both going to face extinction sooner. And, the company of yours could be next, unless the individuals of today learn to manage the disruptive forces and ways of anticipating it. These forces may strike the strike any industry and students have to be well-equipped for handling them. Like for instance, when the cameras of the smartphone began increasing, many of you may have assumed that camera stores will run out of business. Well, it came out to be true when within six months, the digital camera became the victim of technological advancement, and the smartphone cameras won the battle. This has happened to many music players, portable systems of gaming, and all the like.

Staying ahead

With recent developments, it was found that those industries that were high performers once fell drastically. Yes, that is the power of disruption; hence, besides the various Leadership Development Courses, SA students must learn about disruptive business strategies. After all, disorganization can take anyone by surprise. Some of the ways for staying ahead of the disruption tsunami which may be advancing towards you are mentioned below.

Evaluating technology outside industries

The main aim of Disruptive Business Strategy is evaluating the technology that is outside the industry. Here the students learn about coping up with the forces. There are full chances that technologies that will revolutionize the future may already be doing that in a completely different industry.

Being disrupted and not the disrupter

Such strategies coach students to not wait for the disruptive forces to begin nipping at heals. You have to be the disrupter and not the disrupter. The advantage of being very first-mover is one of the crucial things to success when they were executing disruptive strategies

Have a hawk-eye for seeing competition

In these courses, students learn about watching their game just like any hawk would. You have to be thus ready for matching and surpassing innovative actions on the competitor’s part. If you want to anticipate the plans of the competitors, then you have to re-think and stay five moves on.

Keeping fingers on the customer’s pulse 

Customers are the system of early warning in any market. They are the ones that allow industries for reacting in real-time, especially to the changes taking place in markets. Without the guidance of the customers, you will create services and products for markets that probably do not exist any longer. When students learn about disruptive strategies, studying customers is one of the crucial topics they learn about.

Self-disruption does not necessarily have to be self-destruction 

One big hurdle of executing strategies of self-disruption has to be the concern of successful companies. This fact establishes that a company’s efforts may cannibalize their current success. They are always reeling under the fear that profits can decrease and that can disappoint the shareholders. This view of the short-term has been the primary cause of a company’s downfall. But self-disruption works for some companies if the sale of a different product of theirs surpasses the purchase of another product.


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