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SHP PEEK GF30 Ultimate is a high-performance plastic reinforced with glass fiber. Just like all our plastic derivatives, PEEK GF30 Ultimate offers the very same efficiency attributes as our standard product, PEEK 450G, but with the addition of glass fiber, the performance characteristics increase even further. GF30 integrates high rigidity with superior dimensional stability to provide very high stiffness and enhanced strength.

Mechanical and electrical properties of PEEK GF30 regarding PEEK-  Download TablePeek GF30-PEEK-?????????????

Machining needs tipped tooling due to the plastics glass fiber content. Material Advantages GF30 offers outstanding efficiency qualities, which consist of: High Rigidness and great dimensional stability Greater compression capability Greater continuous service temperature level Really high tightness and Enhanced strength Finest high fixed load over long periods at high temperature level Less ideal for bearing and wear applications Motorsport Applications Applications for GF30 plastic include: Strut installs front and rear suspension Control arm linkages Gear link bushes Fuel line insulators Valve components Electrical parts Chassis elements About Smiths HP We are a leading shareholder and supplier of high-performance engineering products to the motorsport sector.

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This is a special 30% glass filled PEEK modification that Ensinger manufactures under the name TECAPEEK GF30 natural. In comparison to unfilled PEEK, this glass fiber strengthened product exhibitions increased mechanical strength and high rigidness. Additionally, enhanced creep strength and dimensional stability are achieved by this glass filled PEEK. Found Here make this product suitable for usage in parts which are exposed to high fixed loads over long periods in high temperature conditions.

TECAPEEK GF30 uses excellent chemical resistance, is insoluble in all typical solvents, and exhibits exceptional resistance to high doses of gamma radiation. As with all PEEK grades, PEEK GF30 integrates high thermal stability with very little thermal expansion and really low wetness absorption. Just like all Ensinger PEEK materials, we can confirm that glass filled TECAPEEK GF30 natural fulfills the limitations imposed by Ro, HS Directive 2011/65/EU Limitation of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic devices.

AKROTEK PEEK GF 30 natural (5047) is a 30% glass fiber strengthened medium viscosity polyetheretherketone with high stiffness and strength.

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Any use of this info falls under the rules of our disclaimer. Processing/Physical Attributes, Worth, Unit, Test Standard, ISO Information, Melt volume-flow rate, MVR 3. 5 cm/10min ISO 1133 Temperature level 360 C - Load 2. 16 kg - Melt flow index, MFI 4. 5 g/10min ISO 1133 Temperature level 360 C - Load 2.

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