How To Buy And Maintain A Water Purifier

How To Buy And Maintain A Water Purifier

Water pollutions have become really high these days. It has reached to a certain alarming rate that one has to remain really careful about the water that they are drinking on a regular basis. There is too much of water exploitation happening these days. All the kitchen wastes and the industrial wastes are always dumped in the nearby water bodies and as a result the water present there undergoes complete chemical, biological and physiological changes.

As a result, the water becomes too much contaminated and when one drinks that water, then there are high chances that they will suffer from regular to critical water related diseases. If it happens at an extreme rate then death can happen as well. So, one always needs to drink water that are purified properly. If one can go for a water purifying machine and install them then they can get some consumable drinking water on a regular basis and they can ensure a healthy way of living.

When it comes to India, there are a lot of models and brands of water purifiers available these days. So, before buying a purifying machine, one has to do a proper research and then see which one is rightly suitable to meet their needs. One has to know all the basic details about the water purifiers and then they need to pick up all the needed filters accordingly. So, when one is selecting the water purifier, here are a few things that they must keep in mind:

What is the source of their water?

Are you selecting a water purifier for your home? Drinking water plays a huge part in domestic life and one needs to find the source that from where the drinking water is being supplied. There are different source of water supply and each of them carry different level of contaminants. They have some harmful chemicals in it and also some other dissoluble salts that can cause a lot of diseases in the human body.

Water Purifier types that are available

It has already been said earlier that there are a lot of water purifiers available in the market. One can also get the best water purifier online India but before that one needs to know the common varieties that are hugely available. The RO water purifier is said to be the most popular one and it is also termed as the reverse osmosis purification. They mostly remove the major contaminants along with the microbial impurities that are present in water. Then there is the UV water filter or the Ultra Violet water filter that can remove the microbial properties that are present in water. They are good for domestic water purification needs.

The storage capacity of the purifier

One needs to check this and buy accordingly because water purifiers have different storage capacities. One needs to pick the right size depending on what storage capacity they need. In case of a regular domestic need, one can easily go for a water purifier which has 7 to 8 litres of water storage capacity.

Cost and Warranty

Before buying any sort of water purification machine one needs to check the cost of the machine. The cost though keeps varying depending on the size, the filters used and the storage capacity of the machine. When one goes for a popular brand or a manufacturer, they offer the best machine in the available price range and most of them provides at least 2 years of warranties.

But buying good water purifying machine and using them on a regular basis is not the end of it. One must use the machine well and maintain it in a proper way so that the machine can improve its performance level. One has to maintain the machine in a good way and for that they need to do a few steps:

  • The first and the major one is to keep changing the water filters and that too at a regular interval because without the water filters the purifying machine is nothing. They are the heart of the filters and they keep the machine working. If one keeps chancing them once in a year at least, then the machine will surely keep providing safe and healthy water flow. One needs to call the water technicians so that they can replace and install a new filter when needed.
  • It is also very much required to change the carbon filters when it is required.  This filter actually removes the chlorine that is present in regular water along with other bad elements. It also cuts off the bad taste and odour from the regular tap water. So replacing them every year is needed.
  • One needs to check if there is any leakage in the purifying machine or not. If that happens then there is a sudden downfall in their performance. The machine will need immediate attention and one has to ask the company to send water purifier experts to fix them soon.
  • Everyone who is using a water purifier these days needs to maintain a proper sanitisation because then only they can keep getting purified and healthy water in return. There are proper technicians for that who know how and when it go for the replacements when they are needed.
  • If one is using an RO water purifier (considering they are the most popular options), one also needs to change the RO membrane because they play a major role in the function of the machine. So, one has to change them at proper intervals. Checking the right maintenance program is very much important because then only one can maintain the water purifier for a longer span of time.


There are plenty of water purification systems available these days and using them has become mandatory. One can only stay away from the water borne diseases if they choose to drink purified water on a regular basis. Otherwise, some unwanted diseases like diarrhoea, stomach upset, typhoid and other things can keep occurring and make one weak.

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