Types of Gin Cocktails You Should Know About

Even though the invention of Gin cocktails is claimed by English, technically it is originated from the Dutch who started its production in the late 16th century due to its medicinal properties. The title “Gin” is also derived from “Jenever”, a Dutch word which consists of “Juniper”. The berry is the prime element of gin which gives its unique odor. Along with juniper berries, there are other ingredients of gin which vary according to distillery. Some of the commonly used ingredients are iris root, angelica, licorice, caraway, citrus peel and coriander seeds. Gin is known to have strong aroma but it suits perfectly as a main ingredient in cocktails. It has aroma of spices and herbs which are blended well with juices, liqueurs, and various distillations.  Basically, there are four types of gin cocktails available.


Juniper Flavored Spirit Drinks

They are produced in pot by distilling and redistilling a fermented grain mixture with spices and herbs. One of the common varieties of it is Compound Gin which is simply made by adding various natural substances and juniper to the neutral gin. There is a Negroni recipe you may look for. Distilled gin is made by redistilling the ethanol with 96% of ABV in its initial strength in stills. Basically, it has juniper berries and various botanicals.


London Gin

It is something made completely from organic ethanol and has around 5gm of methanol in each hecto litre. It is made with re-distillation in stills of ethanol with juniper berries and various natural plant components. The minimum strength of alcohol is 37.5% in Europe and English gins have 45%. Plymouth Gin and London Dry gin are the two main varieties of English Gin.  London Dry Gin is very popular and it is not usually produced in London. They are known for intense flavor and Beefeater and Gordon’s are the most popular brands.


Plymouth gin is usually distilled in the coast of Plymouth at Blackfriars Distillery. This complete bodied gin has very subtle aromas and it is dryer as compared to London dry gin.


Dutch Gin

Jenever or Dutch Gin varies with English gin because it has heavily fermented grains which are ideally used. This way, it tastes like beer. Jenever are of two types – Young and Old Jenever.  Young one tastes much like English gin.


American Gin

American gins have more fruity and floral aromas. They are fragile flavors that may fade away in cocktail blended with bitters and liqueurs. So, cocktails usually are made of stronger English gins.


For American gin, the minimum strength is 40% and it is easy to make. Wheat distillate is made of American or Jenever Gin and grain is from barley and rye. Gin is purified through repeated distillation process. The berries are soaked and aromas are added and dried spices and herbs in the alcohol are used. So, the alcohol is dripped with the ingredients. Results are ready for consumption and bottled. You need to try some other cocktails along with tonic and gin.


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