7 Signs it is Time to Find a Math Tutor in NYC

7 Signs it is Time to Find a Math Tutor in NYC

Summer is over and fall is here. That means more than just the leaves will begin to fall soon. It means back to school time as well! While this is mostly a time for joy, excitement, and anticipation, for students who struggle in math it can be a time of hesitation and anxiety. But doesn’t everyone struggle with math? “I certainly did!” you may be saying.


The truth is that not everyone suffers from math. And beyond that, no one has to! That is because math tutoring is available. Many children and teens would benefit from extra math tutoring outside of their school class. How do you know if it’s time to say “I need to find a math tutor near me?” If one, two, or several of the following apply to your child, it’s time to find a tutor:


#1 Their grades start slipping. The is number one on the list because it is when most parents truly notice a problem. If poor grades are unacceptable in your family and you know that your child can do better, a maths tutor will get those Cs and Ds to As and Bs.


#2 Homework sessions turn into meltdowns. “No kid likes doing homework!” you may be saying. That may be true, but not all kids actively hate it either. If your child or teen is having a full on fit when it’s time to do math homework, they’re struggling more than they can tell you.


#3 Their spending too much time on homework. Maybe they aren’t yelling and crying about their homework, but they are spending an inordinate amount of time doing it. A dozen or so math problems should not take an hour if they really grasp the concept they are learning. How much of that time is spent just staring at the paper?


#4 They don’t want to go to school. Your child or teen should want to go to school! It’s where their friends are and their days are spent. If they try to get out of going to school every single day, there’s a major problem you should be aware of.


#5 You’re beginning to notice behavior problems. Many children and teens begin to act out and have behavior problems when they are really struggling to learn and keep up with the class. If you’re beginning to hear from their teacher that their behavior is a problem in the classroom, the true issue may be that they don’t understand what is being taught.


#6 Your child studies, but still bombs the test. How frustrating! If your child studies but still doesn’t do well, they do not understand what they are studying. Math is more than just memorization; they need to apply the concepts to new problems on the test. If they can’t do that, even after studying, they don’t understand.


#7 Your child’s classroom teacher suggests it. Let’s not forget, whether or not they need a tutor is not a mystery to figure out on your own. Get your child or teen’s math teacher involved in the decision as well!


When you finally say “It’s time to find a math tutor near me!” your child’s grades and disposition will begin to improve soon! Hopefully soon, maybe even a matter of weeks, they’ll be doing a lot better and actually look forward to heading off to school each day.

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