How a DISC Personality Assessment Can Transform Your Business

Over the last decade or two, businesses have introduced a number of new measures to improve the efficiency, quality and authority of their company and one of these measures is DISC. As a personality test, disc highlights the key workings and skills of a person and categorises them into one or more group; dominant, influential, steady and conscientious. Although there may be many clearly defined personalities within one field, some people may show skills that can fit into more than one of these groups and this can prove extremely useful for an employer and within in the workplace

The idea of DISC personality assessment was first theorised in the early 1900s when Psychologist William Moulton Marston decided to establish practical reasoning and outcomes in order to understand the emotions felt and actions displayed by people, both when interacting socially and when working alone. Marston concluded that the emotions expressed through behaviour could be sorted into the categories mentioned above - dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. It was only in the 1920s that the theoretical work began and the assessment device itself was created in 1948 by industrial psychologist, Walter V. Clarke. Clarke constructed a model and description based on persistent and relatable evidence found in the answers he was receiving from his tests. This was then picked up in the 1970s by John Geier, Ph.D who created the original disc personality profile, furthering the themes uncovered by Clarke. Upon its release in 1994, the DISC personality test was initially used for self-awareness, until it was published as an online disc assessment in 2003 where more feedback was given to the user. Ever since, the model has taken off and has proven its success in renewing the way people understand themselves as well as others, enabling businesses to communicate and work together on a higher, more tightly woven level. 

In most business ideology, the phrase ‘money makes the world go around’ certainly applies, but what people don’t realise is that money cannot be made without people. People as well as efficiency, combined, create the blend of good communication, knowledge and passion. When these are lacking in your business, you are likely losing out on a lot, the main things being money and good working relationships. You may feel the business is doing alright as it is, however incorporating these factors into your team could take your business even further and beyond. Although, turning your team around may seem daunting, especially if there is conflict and an unproductive air amongst teammates. This can easily be solved using a DISC profile assessment if you have already tackled some other basics within the team. These basics can include things such as goals, feedback, motivation, incentives, social bonding, good team spirit, etc. which are all important and contribute towards a successful team. Without the basic ingredients, you risk an unproductive, unmotivated and negative environment which will not add to your company’s success. Nevertheless, even with a productive team there can still be turmoil when it comes down to communicating and this is usually due to a conflict of interests, misunderstandings or basic personality clashes which is where a DISC assessment profile comes in. If there is no proper social aspect or integration, this can be an issue as well, as coworkers won’t know each other as well. 

When it comes to understanding an opposing personality, not many take the proper time to fully understand why that person behaves and speaks the way they do and what leads them to the decisions that they make. Polar ideas and approaches to tasks can leave employees feeling confused and upset by other people’s way of thinking. A DISC profile assessment will aid you in not only discovering about yourself, but will also further your understanding of others and their own unique approaches which allows you to have an insight into how others think, especially useful when you are amidst a debate or project. When you learn about the different personalities within your team, it will be easier to reach compromise and find common ground in which to build a healthier working relationship on. It will also be much easier for leaders and coworkers to assign tasks as they will be familiar with individual strengths and know what angle each person can tackle successfully and comfortably, particularly if roles are not so clearly defined. Often, employees are simply hired to fill a role without much consideration to their other individual skill strengths and will be doing any work that needs doing without any particular job title. 

Who are the leaders in the team? Who works well socially? Who doesn’t? Who seeks quality over quantity? These are all important things to know when it comes to your team and to have a handle on them, you will need to know your employees individually. DISC assessment allows leaders and employees the opportunity to understand what makes others tick and opens the gate to wider understanding and more efficient communication, bringing the team to a higher standard that will affect the team in a number of various positive ways.

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