Book Your Dream Residence at The Arc at Winnipeg: The Student Accommodation Winnipeg

The Arc at Winnipeg – this is an excellent place of student accommodation in Winnipeg where you can get luxury accommodations and plenty of amenities. If you have a hesitation about living in an unknown place then it will be eliminated easily once you will shift here. You will find a homely feel while living here plus you will get the hotel-like luxuries.

Here, you will know some best features of this place of student accommodation Winnipeg, which will help you in deciding about booking it.

Variety of Student Accommodations

The Arc comprises three types of student accommodation, so you have good choices to select from. These three types are shared rooms, apartments, and ensuite rooms. These types have been further categorized into subtypes. The categories in which the accommodations have been divided can be read as under.

Shared Rooms: Premium Shared and Deluxe Shared.

Apartments: Deluxe 2 Bedroom Suite, Supreme 2 Bedroom Suite, 4 Bedroom Suite, 2 Bedroom Suite, and Premium 2 Bedroom Suite.

Ensuite Rooms: Premium Single, Premium Single Accessible, and Supreme Single.

All these types of accommodations have everything for the comfort of the students. They have luxury beds for comfortable sleep. In the kitchens, the students find a cooking bob, a microwave, and an oven for preparing delicious meals as well as for heating the eatables. Moreover, you find a fridge for freezing ice & ice cream, cooling the water, and keeping all types of eatables fresh.

There is also a study table and chair, where the students can do their studies comfortably. Mammoth storage space is available for keeping different types of assets. For instance, there is a wardrobe in every room or apartment for the students where they can store their clothes.

Facilities inside the Property

A wide range of facilities are available inside the property of The Arc. Complete care has been given to different aspects of the life of a student, such as fun, fitness, socialization, and more.

Some of the facilities that are available here include:

  1. A Special Room for Study

A study room is available at the property, in which one can do his/her college work peacefully. Moreover, he or she can also prepare for the exams without any disturbance.

  1. A Storage Space for Bicycles

Many students like bicycle rides in their spare time. On the other hand, there are many others who prefer to go to the nearby places or to their colleges or universities via bicycles. But, they can keep bicycles only when there is a proper space to store them.

At The Arc, there is absolutely no problem in keeping the bicycles. Here, the residents find a storage space where they can keep their bicycles safely.

  1. Car-Parking Facility

The Arc also offers the space for big vehicles like cars. The students who keep the car find a car parking area here in which they can keep their vehicles safely.

  1. Gym for Fitness

Staying fit always is another requirement of every student. A fully equipped gym has been provided to the students at this property, where they can do all types of workouts for staying fit, keeping the body in shape, bodybuilding, etc.

  1. Lounge Area for Socialization

There is also a lounge area at this property where the students can relax with other residents. This area is an excellent place for socialization. The residents can meet each other, help each other in their studies, share jokes, and can do a lot more.

  1. Paid Wi-Fi Internet

It is needless to mention that everything from communication to online lectures; from university admissions to completing assignments & projects; from social media involvement to online shopping; and several other tasks are accomplished via the internet.

While understanding the necessity of the internet, a Wi-Fi internet connection is provided to the students. This connection is inclusive of bills. Students can connect the internet to their laptops and smartphones and can accomplish all the required tasks.

  1. Paid Heating Facility

To keep the room warm in extreme winter, a heating facility is also provided at this property. This facility is also inclusive of bills.

  1. Support Team

Whenever you need any type of support, or you have any problem, you can contact the support team of The Arc. The support team cooperates with the students in every aspect.

Security of the Students

Security is considered as most necessary aspect by many students and their parents. There is a good security arrangement in The Arc also. CCTV cameras are appended in every significant place of the property to monitor the activities and detect suspicious persons and activities.

A secure door entry is also provided to the students to keep their assets safe. Other than all this, the contents insurance is also available for compensating the loss of assets.


The Arc at Winnipeg is definitely the right place according to the requirements of modern-day students. Students spend a tension-free time during their years of studies in this place of accommodation.


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