Important Guide for Men - Perfume Dos and Don’ts
Important Guide for Men - Perfume Dos and Don’ts

Using perfume is a very easy thing to do, yet most of us commit several mistakes while using it on a daily basis. These little mistakes may not seem much while doing but it can affect your fragrance and its performance severely. If you have invested in an international perfume, why not get your money’s worth by using it correctly and smelling like a million buck throughout the day in every season. Experts all over the world often speak about the right way of using perfume. It is not very difficult and will certainly not take up a lot of your time from the busy morning routine but it will surely help in accentuating your fragrance. Here are some simple dos and don’ts that will keep you from using the wrong perfume or using your perfume in the wrong manner,

Change Your Perfume With Season:

Instead of wearing the same perfume throughout the year, you should keep changing it according to the season. Switching the perfume with the season helps in keeping the fragrance noticeable throughout the year. Never use the same perfume every day otherwise your senses and people who are around you will not notice them. Change it according to the season or at least by the time of the day. Get at least 2 perfumes at the same time from the online perfume store and use them for keeping fragrance eclectic.

Never Spray On Wet Skin:

Right after stepping out of the shower most of us spray the perfume directly on the wet skin and wear clothes on it instantly. This might save some minutes from your busy mornings but it will affect your fragrance longevity significantly. When you spray the perfume on the wet skin, the pores on the skin are unable to absorb the fragrance as you expect it to do. Let your skin dry naturally, apply an ample dose of moisture on the skin and spray the perfume on it. It will help the skin to absorb the scent and hold it in.

Select Your Scent Carefully:

Always choose your scents carefully whether you buy it from a local perfume shop or the online stores. See the fragrance notes, know if it suits your personality, mood, occasion and the season for which you are buying the perfume. Apart from this, you should also choose the type of perfume carefully according to your needs. Eau de parfum tends to deliver fragrance for more than 8 hours and is priced a bit higher. Eau de toilette and cologne contain relatively lesser fragrance concentration giving you fragrance lasting for up to 6 hours and are cheaper. Therefore, choose what you need in your budget after reading all the details mentioned in the perfume bottle.

Apply On Right Points:

Spray the perfume only on your pulse points in case you wish to get a good lasting fragrance. Regardless of the fact that you have bought a high-end expensive perfumes online in India, if it is not applied to the pulse points, you might not be able to get desired results from the fragrance. Perfumes come alive when they touch your skin, mixing with the pheromones and enhanced with the body heat. In all this, body heat is very essential especially on the pulse points as these provide consistent heat to your perfume to evaporate properly.

Avoid Spraying On Clothes:

Some of us are habitual of applying perfume on clothes. This habit can not only affect the fragrance of the perfume but will also affect longevity as well. The perfume tends to evaporate at a much faster rate on the fabrics. Moreover, tinted perfumes or the ones that contain some sort of colour can often cause stains on the clothes.

Avoiding all these mistakes and using the perfume in a proper way to get the most out of the scents. Buy a perfume correctly from the right place, apply it properly and you will never smell bad ever.

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