Tips for safe online shopping using credit card.
Tips for safe online shopping using credit card.

Hi, it is a fact that due to the popularity of the Internet, cybercrime is increasing day by day. And the way credit card scams are emerging, we should worry about it,

Although it is not completely safe to use credit card online but you can protect your card by following 9 simple tips.


Tip 1-Shop only from a trusted Shop: There are a lot of e-commerce sites to shop from. but it is always better to shop from the trusted one and stick to one. Also, you can check the SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) encryption by checking the website's url. Secure & genuine websites only use SSltechnology, starting with "https" signifies the site encrypts your data. Its always better to avoid websites that don't encrypt your data.


Tip 2-Shop from a trusted Network: Never shop on a public network. Only shop from your private network or home network. It is way more secure. Even shopping on a mobile network has some security issues.


Tip 3- Don't store your card details on any website: Nowadays almost all the website ask you to save your card details on their site so that you don't have to put your card details for the next time you shop from the same website. But Don't do that. Don't store your card on any website whether its a trusty website or not. It can give them access of your card to the scammers or hackers easily.

Even browsers have a feature of Autofill. Disable it. As it also stores your card information.


Tip 4- Install antimalware programs in your Laptop: It ensures the security of your payment gateway services & prevents it from any attackers.


Tip 5-Use virtual Card Numbers: Nowadays almost all the issuers offer you to use a virtual card number. It is for one-time use. They themselves generate a virtual card no. & you can use it for one time. This way you don't have to put your real card number & keep it secured.


Tip 6- Review your card transaction: Don't wait for your monthly transaction statement delivered by the issuer. Be a little proactive & check the transaction on a regular basis like once in a week. Though it seems like a task, but trust me that worth it.


Tip 7- Never share your card number with an Unknown person: Many times you may get a call saying, they are from your card issuing authority & for some verification they need your card no. Never ever share your card details with them, unless you initiated a problem regarding your card. That


Tip 8- Don't Share a photo of your credit card: Sometimes we share our credit card photo in social media captioning it like "hurray! time for shopping!". No! don't do that. Even if you cover the first few digits of your card, still it could be dangerous as it is possible to find out the rest for any ingenious thief.


Tip 9- Choose a strong Password: The last but not the least is choosing a strong password. Use different passwords for different bankings & websites. A strong password contains alphanumeric with a combination of numbers & Upper Lower case letters. Also, remember to change the password on a regular basis.


Is Debit card a better option?


Now It is way better to choose a credit card over a debit card. The card itself states it's benefits. Its credit card, unlike debit cards you will be using issuer's money rather than your owns. Though you will have to pay it later.
But when it comes the question about the security, credit card is a much better option.

Basically, when the scammers use your credit card, they are spending the money of the card issuing authority. But if they are using your debit card they are using your money from your bank account.

It simply means if you lost your credit card & someone using it without your permission then you have time to report it before the bill is raised against you. But if they are using your debit card then the money simply getting deducted from your bank account immediately.

Moreover the FCBA(Fair Credit Billing Act) which offers not to charge anything to the cardholders if there is a case of fraudulent, the cardholders has to pay an amount for its security maintenance. Though not all the card issuers support it but FCBA still states that in that case if the cardholder reports it before the card is used then also he can secure himself for paying anything.

Moreover, the additional benefits like earning cashback, extended warranty on purchasing of electronic items, lucrative discounts & offers on traveling or booking hotels, simply make Credit card a winner over Debit card.


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