Reasons You Should Wear a Crotchless Panty - Revised
Reasons You Should Wear a Crotchless Panty - Revised

By now you have probably heard of crotchless panties. Also called crotchless pantys, these sexy panties have been in existence for the longest time. However, they were used only on a few naughty occasions.

Nowadays more and more women are investing in sexy female clothes. It is good to wear these panties at least once in a while. Every woman needs a pair. Nothing spices things up in the bedroom like showing off a sexy panty.

If you want to take things a notch higher in your love life, you definitely need a pair of these. It would work wonders. That is not the only reason you need to rock on with open crotch panties. Here are more reasons why you should invest in these panties.

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Add spice to your sex life

The most important reason you need to invest in the panty is to increase excitement in the bedroom. Surprise your spouse by wearing a pair. It is a great way to get turned on quickly.

Go ahead and get it on while wearing your panty. Your man can have a view of your sexy designer panties while doing his thing. The panties also add some sizzle during foreplay.

Get some fresh air in your lady town

Yes, it is not bad once in a while to feel that fresh air down there. Nothing does it better than a crotchless panty. These panties are not only meant for when you are going on a date or to surprise your spouse; you can even wear a pair while working. They will give you that cool and fresh feeling.

Simplify visiting the bathroom

Imagine not having to remove your pants when you have to go. You can go while still wearing your pants.

Breezy stocking days

One of the ways to cope in the winter season is to have a pair of stockings. You can avoid all the discomfort that comes with wearing stockings by getting crotchless panties. They will give you a touch of breathability.

Quick wash and dry

Washing the panties takes less time since they have less material. They also dry quickly due to the open spaces in the panties.

Send quick nudes

You can easily send those nude photos quickly. Giving your partner just a glimpse will drive him or her crazy. Your partner will be prepared and ready when you get to the bedroom.

Public foreplay

It will be easy to do foreplay with your partner. He can get you excited by slipping his fingers in easily. It gives him a taste of what he will get later on.

For a quickie

There is no need to remove all your clothes to get a quickie. It is sex here and now with crotchless panties – namely, a quickie.

There are a wide variety of designs that you can choose from. Nothing should stop you from owning one. Whether you want a pair in leather or with a floral or lace design, you will find it. There are also different sizes available. Every woman can experience how it feels to have crotchless panties.

Crotchless panties and extreme slingshot bikini can be used to spice things up in the bedroom - to get a feel of fresh air and for a quickie. So, go and get the items you want now.



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