What is the difference between Plexi Glass and Frosted Glass
What is the difference between Plexi Glass and Frosted Glass

The difficulty in choosing the right furniture has been one of the greatest problems faced by homeowners. Money is not the major problem even the common man knows home construction needs finance. Presently there is a large competition for quality home furniture out there. As a result, making a choice is quite tricky. 

 Here in this article, I shall be enlightening my readers on two outstanding home items that can be used to design the exterior of our homes. The good thing about this article is that I shall also list out the advantages and disadvantages of both types of furniture. 


Frosted glass is a glass that can be used on the exteriors of both doors and windows. It is produced by sandblasting of the glass sheet. When sandblasted, it renders the surface of the glass translucent meaning light will pass through but the images become blurred. The effect of the frosted glass can also be achieved with the use of vinyl film. For those who like and want privacy this glass remains the perfect choice to design home exteriors. 



 We can't discuss on frosted glass and not talk about its wonderful benefits. This beautiful piece of artwork can be used on bathroom doors, office doors and many others. Here are some of the advantages that can be derived from the use of frosted glass:

1. Eliminates Intrusion: The very first advantage of using frosted glass is the fact that it protects you from people prying into your space. In an office space, it is very common for most employees trying to intrude into your discussion. Frosted glass will help cut that out and guarantee your privacy.


2 Increases Concentration Level: An office is always a busy place because employees work to and fro trying to give attention to customers. When this happens, your concentration level will be distorted. The use of frosted glass successfully filters away any sort of distraction around the office. This is also applicable in the home.

3. Easily Maintained: Frosted glass has a low-maintenance level. It doesn't require much cleaning, unlike some other glass. You just have to wipe with a saturated cloth and the surface becomes new as ever.

4. It Improves Security: As a result of images being blurred, people will not be able to tell what’s going on right inside the office. This will help protect you against intruders and as well guarantee your safety. you can order a forested custom cut glass from here.



 As much as there are advantages of frosted glass there are also disadvantages. These disadvantages shouldn't be a form of hindrance to the purchase of this glass. Instead, it should help prepare us on how to avoid the problems. They include:


1. It Prevents Natural Light: One major problem with frosted glass is that it ends up blocking natural light from coming in. This, therefore, causes a bit of darkness to the bathroom or living room where it has been used. 

2. Frosted Glass Makes the Bathroom Appear Small: Frosted glass can make your bathroom space to become smaller. This is because during installation sight lines are being cut off. 

3. Dirt’s on this particular kind of glass are most times not noticeable. As a result, regular maintenance needs to be carried out to keep the glass streak-free and clean.



Plexiglass which can also be referred to as acrylic glass is a stronger and much safer glass compared to frosted glass. It is a glass that is transparent and does not shatter easily. They are cheaper and can be easily installed with the right materials. 



 The use of Plexiglass on the external part of either a home or office has a lot of advantages. Below are some of these advantages:


1. Plexiglass is a much safer and secured glass when compared to regular glass. When used to design the exterior part of your home there is the assurance of maximum security. The internal facilities are protected from the general public.


2. Plexiglass is a highly transparent glass that allows a good amount of natural light. Your home exterior is guaranteed a good concentration of sunlight which is now transferred into the home.


3. Plexiglass is made of the quality and thick glass materials. This makes it unbreakable and can last much longer than others. While some glass would break at hard-hitting, Plexiglass would not. 


3. Plexiglass also does help to give your building exteriors some sort of attractiveness. They are very unique piece of beauty that does draw attention from the general public. It can be a tool for advertisement and promotion of a business.



Plexiglass or acrylic glass whichever you like to call it also does have disadvantages just as it has advantages. Some of these disadvantages are listed below:


1. The first disadvantage of plexiglass is that it is prone to scratch easily compared to other glass. However, when scratched it is easily cleaned and polished but all that will cost you. So avoiding any extra spending be careful in the handling of plexiglass.


2. The next not so good thing about plexiglass is that it can be easily stained with a greasy or oily substance. These substances tend to stay put on the glass surface causing it to have a non- attractive appearance. Although it can be cleaned easily, the time used in cleaning can be channeled elsewhere if extra care was given.


3. Plexiglass is a not too strong glass and can easily break when stressed. Designing our home exterior with plexiglass exposes it to too hot or cold temperature. This affects the glass causing it to have a dull look.



 There are not too many differences between the plexiglass and frosted glass. The little available differences are enough to help us in differentiating the two easily. 


  • The first difference is that frosted glass has a translucent appearance of why plexiglass has a transparent appearance.


  • Plexiglass is lighter in weight and resists shattering as compared to the frosted glass.


  • While plexiglass requires polish to clean and cover up scratches, frosted glass requires the use of damp cloth to wipe the scratched areas.


  • While plexiglass allows a considerable amount of natural light through, the frosted glass allows only a little.   
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