How To CracK IIT-JEE or Any Other Competitive Exam| A Step-By-Step Guide
How To CracK IIT-JEE or Any Other Competitive Exam| A Step-By-Step Guide

Finding it difficult to get through IIT-JEE or any other competitive exam???

Take a look at the step-by-step guide The Narayana Group provides to make a student get better prepared to face the competitive world. Know your competition: To have a practical understanding of the place you stand among the competition is to have the knowledge of devising a better action plan needed to implement in your journey of getting past IIT-JEE, NEET or any other competitive exam.

Set your goal: Set up an inspiring goal rather than setting an unrealistic one. Have knowledge about your ability to cope up with the competition and set up the goal. Setting higher goals is not always recommended as it may lead to mental pressure and ultimately leads to depression thus drawing your path towards a no-win situation.

On the other hand, setting up a lower goal may limit your ability to go higher than you think. Develop a task sheet: Develop a task sheet and make sure that you follow it.

A task sheet may include: A to-do list: Here, you can include the subjects you intend to learn in a week or a month. You can either split-up the subjects into equal halves and can go through those subjects in alternate weeks or months or can go through all the subjects simultaneously in a week or month.

For example, You may have the following set of subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Sanskrit, and English You can split these subjects into various sets of subjects like: Maths+Sanskrit+Chemistry, Physics+English or can make further subsets depending on your choice and can go through these sets of subjects alternatively or simultaneously. Using this technique one can cover all the subjects and can efficiently allocate time to each subject.

A review column: It is the Key column in your task sheet. Every time you complete a task mark it as completed if the task requires any further reading or clarification make a note of it in this column. If you find any difficulties while completing your task mention the difficulty you have faced and also the solution you think is apt. It may include any difficulty faced that is not mentioned in the above list.

Hours spent on each subject: It is important to note the time spent on each subject to complete the task. If you feel you are taking a long time on a particular set of subjects and a very short time completing another set of subjects then it is advisable to shuffle the subjects in each set.

In-depth research of each concept: Self-learning combined with the efficient teaching, continuous monitoring, and appropriate guidance makes it possible for a student to achieve in-depth knowledge of the concepts thus leading to improve the possibility of ranking high. Revise, Test and Improvise: "sharpening your axe" method is applicable here. Each time you complete a task take time to test yourself in that particular task and get to know your expertise. If you do not get the desired results then, improvise the techniques.

Narayana chandigarh is known for the way it provides the best JEE and NEET coaching in chandigarh. Narayana helps its students to prepare in a way that they always outshine other competitors and get best IIT JEE & NEET results.

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