Don'ts on a First Date

By Brenda
The first meeting is always important although equally intimidating. Let your date have an equal share in the conversation and see how the chemistry works out. This is the time where you tread slowly as things can switch one way or the other. Here are 5 things to avoid and to ensure a smooth first date.

1. Try to show you respect your ex or at least pretend to.

Irrespective of how the conversation proceeds, it's always good toavoid talking about your ex. This is especially important if you had a bitter breakup and can only bring up bad memories. Talking negatively portrays yourself as a victim with some baggage that still needs to be taken care of.  If your story was positive, well you'll seem like the kind who's still in love the ex. Either way, talking about your ex never comes across well.

Also, it is worse to refer to trips you had with your ex or even making occasional references like:

'My ex was a professional football player' or

"My ex gave me free tickets for shows " or "my ex is the owner this or that!

Don't get me wrong. It is not forbidden to mention your ex by name, but you need to know how. For example: if your date asks if you've ever travelled to some place, you could just say briefly, "Yes with my ex. We went there last year and spent Valentine's Day together" and maybe embellish it with "and we stayed  at some nice resort," and don't forget to end with "we had a great time."
And you end there and continue the conversation on something else by asking questions on what your date said earlier.

2. Talking about recent dates

Even if this is true, no need to tell that you are on your 6th date within 7 days. Or say you're a girl or guy in hot demand. Worse yet, tell your date you're really glad that he/she showed up since your laste date failed to show up at the last minute. TMI! Too much Information!

Do not forget that the point is to know each other and so noneed to talk about others.

3. Your past party lifestyle

"OMG, this reminds me of one of my friend's birthday parties where I drank 20 Tequila shooters and I woke up half dressed on the floor of the bathroom without knowing how I got there!" Keep the hangover stories for another time. For a first date, that may not be the right time to share intimate stories.

4. Marriage: Big No.! Unless your goal is to scare your date away.

5. All unpleasant subjects:

It is a bad idea to talk about people you dislike. Spending the evening complaining is not a winner. Also, all those unpleasant and controversial issues like terrorist attacks, wars, violence against women, paedophilia, politics, religion in short, all topics that bring a lot of negativity or are controversial it is safe to avoid them.

After all, since this will be your first famous try to a new start, be on time, be flirtatious, do not talk about youself and drink moderately. Just be simple and fun.
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