Expanding Tech Businesses to Mexico
Expanding Tech Businesses to Mexico

Mexico and the United States are neighboring countries. They are both members of NAFTA, and Mexico is the United States’ second largest export market. 


The proximity and the great potential of Mexican economy have made Mexico the perfect country for Americans to run a business.


However, Americans are holding back from investing in the country due to the difficulties of doing business internationally, especially when the language is not the same. This is a major problem since communication is key to business. 


Despite what can be considered as difficulties, there are many resources to overcome these communication barriers. It is fundamental to find a good business partner who can offer you the best representation in the foreign country. 


Doing business internationally is much easier thanks not only to different business representation options, but to disruptive technologies. 


These disruptive technologies are the product of innovation and cloud-based telecom services. Since most of these technologies are cloud-based, employees and entrepreneurs will be able to move around, being always reachable without having to carry several devices with them. 


One of the most popular cloud-based telecom services is the virtual phone number. The virtual phone number is an ordinary phone number with extraordinary functions. It is formed by an area code and the same number of digits. 


The virtual phone number is extraordinary because it is hosted in the cloud, instead of a physical network. Because of this, it can forward calls to American phone lines. 


Those phone lines, in which calls are received, can be either cell phones, landlines or WebRTC lines.  


This technology enables companies to have a virtual phone number from Mexico whose incoming calls will be received in your American phone lines. 


A virtual phone number from Mexico will look exactly the same as any other landline phone number from CDMX or any other city in Mexico. In case you already own a Mexican number, you can port the number you already have. 


Mexican customers will be more willing to contact you because they see it as a local phone number. They will not be able to distinguish if the call is answered in Mexico or somewhere else.


It is particularly useful for business men and women who are continuously traveling. They want to always be reachable when they are abroad.


Besides, there are two types of virtual international phone numbers depending on the network they use. 


First, there is the international virtual phone number that using a traditional phone network. 


Second, there is a virtual phone number that uses WebRTC technology. The WebRTC is a technology recently developed by Google that enables users to make and receive calls on their computers, tablets or smartphones by opening up a web browser. 


The WebRTC option is highly recommended for those who travel often, since it does not accrue roaming costs. It also enables entrepreneurs to call others showing their Mexican phone number only, if they choose. 


Going global is now a must in order to survive and succeed. Companies must use new technology in order to do better business internationally. 


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