In the modern-day world, we are achieving new heights every day through our innovative technologies and futuristic approach but in the rush of moving forward at breakneck speed, we are losing our planet and degrading the health of our people, and that’s why concepts like green building has become much more important because such an approach might be a minor effort towards saving our planet and people, but together with the effort of everyone, it can have a significant impact.

Even if you are not an architect, designer, building owner, you must have heard about the fantastic concept of green building. In the modern-day world where you are daily exhausting our natural resources, the green building has become an ethical attempt for saving our planet. So let’s discuss a green building in detail and know why it is so important.

What is green building?

A green building design is a particular type of structure that reduces negative impact and creates a positive impact through its operation, construction, and design. The fantastic green buildings save precious natural resources and even improve the quality of life. You should know that any building can turn into a green building, whether it is a home, office, school, hospital, or community. Different types of countries have different guidelines for different green buildings, and therefore, there is no single set of measures which you can use for turning your ordinary building into a green building.

What are some standard features of green building?

Here are some of the standard features of green building:-

·    Effective use of energy in different forms by adopting measures mentioned for making green buildings.

·    Using renewable forms of energy like solar energy

·    Good quality of air in your premise

·    Using only those materials that are sustainable and not toxic for the environment and the people.

·    Promoting recycling and re-use and using waste reduction measures.

·    Using a design that adapts to the changing climate.

·    Considering the environment in design, construction, and operation.

What are some of the most common benefits of green building?

Although the list of benefits offered by green buildings is very long, in this blog post, we are going to mention some of the most apparent advantages of turning your ordinary building into a green building.

Reduced operation cost

One of the best advantages of green building is that it reduces the consumption of natural resources, and thus the overall utility cost also decreases since expenses on water, energy, sewer, and waste is reduced. You should know that because of the adoption of green building, the payback periods of energy and water is getting shorter. So, if you will turn your ordinary building into a green building, then your overall operation cost will reduce without any doubt.

Better health and increased productivity  

You should know that you spend half of your day in the building and that’s why your building should have a healthy environment so that your employees can stay healthy and the productivity of your office can increase. In green buildings, indoor plants, natural air ventilation, low VOC paints and better adhesive for improved air quality indoor air quality are used, and all these measures make the environment of the building super healthy for the employees. According to a study, it has been found that employees of a green building scored 26% in a test for cognitive function in comparison to employees of a typical structure. So along with reducing the overall operational cost, green buildings will also help you in improving productivity.

Enhanced market value

You will be surprised to know that green buildings have higher market value as these buildings are technologically advanced and environmentally and socially responsible. All these things increase the property value and increase rental rates. According to a report, green buildings reported having 7% higher asset value in comparison to traditional structures.

You can easily convert your ordinary building into the eco-friendly and energy-efficient building by adopting the green building design proposed by green building professionals. Overall, the green building offers a wide range of advantages to your business and property, and you will also be able to play your part towards saving the nature. 


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