Foundation crack repair techniques for different cracks
Foundation crack repair techniques for different cracks

Foundation Repair in DC can be quite costly. But you need not worry as we have brought some simple solutions to fix up different types of cracks in your wall. Want to see how? So, let’s see what we have got for you.

How to diagnose the type of crack in your wall?

The first most step to repair the crack of your wall is to diagnose it. Breaks come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. It is quite usual for foundation cracks to appear within the first year of construction. They usually occur near the windows, corners of the floors or walls or in the longer sections of building’s foundation. 

These cracks occur due to the settling of the foundation and are usually not a cause for worries or concern. In case you observe some large cracks that allow water to seep through, call an expert, or fill out the crack before the conditions become worse for you.

How to monitor if the crack is dangerous or normal?

Well, you can do it easily by checking the size of the crack and monitoring whether it is increasing or not. 

Are you not having an inch tape? No worries! You can use a regular pencil to mark off the ends of each crack. Within one week, you will be able to recognize either the crack is usual due to settling or is a severe problem that requires fast repairing. 

Tracking the cracks in your wall will also help the foundation repair experts to determine how they were formed and repair them in bets possible ways.

Types of foundation cracks and techniques to repair them:

Horizontal foundation crack repair:

Horizontal cracks relate to some severe problems. They can lead to failure in the foundation and are caused by high hydrostatic or water pressure. Most of the foundations are designed in such a manner that they can easily handle high loads of water and soil. Heavy rains or flooding creates extra pressure on walls that can create some horizontal severe cracks that require immediate repair.


Repair: One of the best methods used to repair horizontal cracks is epoxy injections. They weld the break together and restore the original strength of the foundation. Not only this, Epoxy injections helps to restore the structure and design so that the concrete seems to be as good as new and protects the seal from the air, chemicals, water, debris, and other types of contaminants.


Vertical Foundation crack repair: 

They are usual and not a significant cause of worries. These types of foundation cracks are the result of settling in the concrete and are quite common in new buildings. They get cure with time when concrete starts to shrinks and are also known as shrinkage cracks. As the name suggests these types of cracks run vertically and are located in the middle section of walls and are small in size usually less than 1/8 in full.

Repair: Vertical cracks are often a sign of foundation settlement; there are very fewer cases of structural damage due to such types of cracks. Check it by running your finger across the break, if it feels even then it is probably not a sign of any significant problem. If you face something uneven that don’t waste time and use epoxy injections to avoid further damage.


So, this was all about the types of foundation cracks and techniques to repair them. Do have a query? Ask us in the comment session given below!

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