Some Of The Best Fishes That Can Live In A Small Bowl
Some Of The Best Fishes That Can Live In A Small Bowl


The choice of meeting depends upon person to   person but sometimes even if we want a dog but still we cannot have it due to compact home but and for those houses having pet can be a bit troublesome but if you still want to have some living creature around you other than human then you can have fish in your home. Now there are so many varieties of fishes that can be kept in the home and if you have some spare space then you can set up an aquarium where you can keep some fish but if you don’t want to make out a space for aquarium then you can have a bowl for keeping your fish. Fortunately not all fish would need an aquarium for survivals rather there are fishes that can fit into small bowls as well without any filtration which is a great thing for sure. The range of such fishes is wide and you would get quite a lot of options in this range and so you can definitely have the one you would love. There are great bowl as well as tank options available as well that you can check out at Petsnurturing. If you are wondering about some of the fish that can live in a small bowl, then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and also consider having in your home at the same time:

Betta Fish:

This fish is famously known as Siamese fighting fish and since they do not grow up too huge so they can perfectly fit into a bowl and you don’t even have to keep them with other fish since they love to stay alone and be the king of their place and as the name suggests they are kind of fighting mammals so they have an aggressive nature towards other small fishes and even if you would try to keep this fish with other fishes then probably this fish would attack them for no reason. These fish have a life span of 3 years but if you would feed them well then this fish may even stay for 5 years or so. They come in different vibrant colors and they have a wing with fins which make they look gorgeous and while you get one of this fish then you would have to take good care of them otherwise they can suffer from a number of health complications.


This fish is famously known as rainbow fish and they are of so small size that you can keep two of them in your small fishbowl and it is even suggested to get them in pairs so that they can live peacefully. If you would take good care of this fish with proper food then they would stay with you for more than 3 years which is quite good for a fish. This fish would eat anything that you would feed then and if you would keep their bowl clean then they would not even have any kind of complications but in case you would not clean the bowl often then the dirt can even kill the fish. They are very happy to go lucky kind of fish which would live happily with you. make sure to provide enough food if you are keeping more than one guppy in a bowl otherwise they might end up fighting with each other for food and the fight sometimes turns out to be so dangerous that one may even get hurt in the process.

White Cloud Minnows:

This fish is among the hardy fishes of cold water so they are very easy to keep and you can even keep them in a small bowl since they do not grow up to be a huge fish and at the same time you would not even have to add any heater as they are used to with cold water. This fish is found in China but in the past few years these fish has become extinct due to an increase in both tourism as well as pollution of water but still some fish traders still breed this fish so you can get them to keep in house where you would have to make sure that the bowl as well as, the water is cleaned every now and then otherwise keeping them alive won’t be possible. If feed properly and kept in a clean bowl then this fish can be alive for more than 5 years or so which has to be a great thing for sure. They come in a white-colored body with red-colored fins which cool cuter adorable.

Blind Cave Tetras:

By the name you might have already guessed that this fish is blind and they take birth with such conditions only and their evolution process has resulted in such blindness. As they are blind so it is better to keep them alone so that the food that you would pour into the bowl would be eaten by them only. The best thing about this fish is that they would not fight no matter what and they are among the most peaceful fishes which are a great thing for sure. Keeping them with aggressive fish can be a problem because they hardly know any self-defense and that is the reason that they often get hurt if kept in groups. Another good thing about this fish is that they would not leave you for 10 years if you would take care of them in a better way and always make sure to feed them properly and at the same time keep their bowl clean. They often come in a white to silver color with a little bit of copper color touch in them.

Salt And Pepper Corydoras:

The reason is called salt and pepper is the appearance of this fish as it has white body upon which there is some black dost which looks like pepper has been sprinkled over salt and they definitely look so adorable and since they are a small-sized fish that would always be of a tiny size so you can definitely keep it in bowl. They are foodies and would need food frequently so you can feed those small shrimps or insects and if you would keep their bowl clean as well then they would live for 5 years. This is a warm water fish so you would have to get a small heater for them and as they are catfish so at times they can become a bit aggressive however they rarely hurt each other as such.

Zebra Danios:

This fish got its name from the black and white stripe over their body which seems like a zebra’s body and they do not grow up too big so you can definitely keep them in a bowl however they don’t like to stay alone so it is better at least to get them in pair if not in group and if you would feed them properly and keep them clean then they would be able to stay alive for more than 5 years which is a great thing for sure and also they are very peaceful so they would never attack any other fish.

These were some of the best fish that can live in a small bowl and to know more such things you can check out Petsnurturing.


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