10 Idea’s For Birthday Party with Return Gifts for Kids

10 Idea’s For Birthday Party with Return Gifts for Kids

Birthday parties now are a big affair with a long to-do-list. From selecting an appropriate theme, to invites, décor, guest list, food, games etc. and most importantly the return gifts. We all look out for gifts that are attractive, unique, and useful and obviously within our budget! This becomes quite the task.

Here are 10 cool options that are unique, pocket-friendly and will definitely be used and not get re-cycled!!

Map ology States of India

This is an ideal return gift for kids that are 5 plus. It’s appropriate for girls and boys, so no headache of keeping different gifts. Moms would love their children to make this puzzle as it’s a great way of knowing the names of the states of India, where they are situated, their size and so much more. It’s unique as there aren’t similar options readily available. And it’s under Rs 200!! So it ticks all the boxes.

2. Block Printing Kit – Princess

Girls love princesses and this is quite a popular theme for their return gifts for kids birthday party. Most girls also enjoy art and craft. This is a great combination of the 2. The box contains neat paper cut-outs that are to be stuck together to make a princess. There’s a wooden block inside as well as paint, to make your own pattern on the princess. It becomes a nice keepsake too as the child can simply pin it up on their soft board.

3. Puppet Folks – Playful Hand Puppets

The packaging is a transparent plastic cylinder that contains material to make 10 folk puppets. It’s a unique item, doesn’t need wrapping as the packaging is very attractive, kids not only make the puppets nut can use them for as long as they want for story-telling and it’s inexpensive too! A great pick for girls and boys. 

4. Color Me in Jigsaw Puzzle Cards

This is a wonderful gift item and comes in various designs so you can pick and choose based on the theme. It is a set of 4 do-it-yourself cards and envelopes. The unique thing about this card making kit is that each card is in the form of a jigsaw puzzle! The child has to color the card, jumble the pieces and then gift. The person receiving the card will have to join the pieces to read the message. It’s so much fun! The price point is great at Rs 250. 

5. Traffic Jam

This is a unique game for teaching kids about traffic signs and rules. It has a board with all the names of the signs and little cardboard pieces with the symbols/signs. The child has to match the symbol to the name and in the process learn all about traffic rules. And it’s only for Rs 110! 

6. Road Bingo

This is one of the most unique games you can come across. This is a game to be kept and played in the car! It comes with a magnetic board with pictures of common things that you can spot outside like red cars, supermarkets, policeman, aero planes etc. There are like red and clue magnets inside that you have to place on the pictures as soon as you spot those items. You can have bingo competitions with your child to complete the 1st line, 2nd line etc. and then full house, road bingo! Car journeys will never be boring again.

7. Animal Alphabet Personalized Colouring Book

This is a 26 page coloring book, with each page dedicated to an animal with its name starting with any one of the alphabets. So you learn names of animals with the 26 alphabets and what’s more, each page has the name of the child written. The cover also says “Krish’s Animal Alphabet Book”. Every kid would love to own this. This is a personalized item at less than Rs 200! What more can you ask for?

8. 3D Book Little Red Riding Hood

This is a 3D book of the famous fable. Kids have to put on their 3D glasses (included with the book) and then read it as all the characters come alive! Again, an ideal gift for girls and boys and it comes in many variants.

9. The Battle of Lanka

A card game that teaches you about the great Indian epic The Ramayana! Each card has details about a Ramayana character or event with points. The objective is to build the strongest army to defeat Ravana. A must pick for girls and boys over 5 years. 

10. Paint Your Own Chhota Bheem Apron

This is a DIY kit with an apron which has the outlines drawn and fabric paints and brushes. The child needs to paint the apron and can wear it to the kitchen on this/her next cookout. This is also available in other variants based on the theme of the party.

Hope this list was helpful and you won’t find it difficult to find the appropriate best gift for child birthday.

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