Stay Safe and Healthy with Drinking Pure Water

Stay Safe and Healthy with Drinking Pure Water

A large proportion of the human body is made up of water and this makes it a necessity for life. Water is essential for the body to carry out all the necessary processes within the body as well as for cleansing of the same. To keep all the systems of the body working properly, it is essential that the body receives pure and clean water. Contaminated water can create a host of complications within the systems.

The water can be contaminated with various kinds of impurities, which are responsible for many illnesses that affect the human body. It is important to remove these impurities to make the water fit for drinking. It is not possible to remove all kinds of impurities in the same manner - each kind of impurity requires different treatment.

Every day, more families get added to the user segment of water purifiers in the hope of getting better quality water to drink. Many of them do not realise that the purifiers they are using are not right for them because they are not aware of the contaminants that exist in the water to be able to effectively remove them. Here, the discussion presented is about the different impurities and the process of tackling them:


1. Suspended Impurities

Often you find sand, clay or mud in the water supplied to your home. It could also include organic impurities such as plant or animal material or even oil. Some of these impurities settle down in the water if the water remains unagitated, while others remain suspended. These impurities make the water look murky and dirty. Such water can be purified using gravitational filtration or ultrafiltration. These processes do not require electricity and such purifiers can be installed anywhere.

2. Dissolved Solids

Water contains certain essential minerals, which are required by the body, but along with these, there could be some organic and inorganic compounds, which cannot be tolerated by the body beyond a certain limit. All the dissolved solids in the water are termed as the TDS of water. WHO has specified the lower as well as upper limit for permissible TDS in the water. If the TDS level is outside these limits, it can be harmful to the human body. Water with high TDS is treated using RO water purifier, which works against the principle of osmosis to remove these dissolved solids from the water to make it more acceptable for drinking.

3. Microorganisms

Water could contain various disease-causing microorganisms, which need to be removed to avoid a large number of diseases carried by them. An effective way of treating them is UV treatment. This kills all these microbes effectively and makes the water safe for consumption. The organic remains of these germs can be filtered out with ultrafiltration.

After using a suitable water purifier, when the water is free of contaminants and balanced in terms of TDS, it becomes safe to drink. You will notice a change in appearance, smell as well as the taste of water after appropriate purification.

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