A Guide to Finance Degrees for Undergraduate Students

A Guide to Finance Degrees for Undergraduate Students

A bachelors in finance is a four year degree that will help you learn and prepare for a future career in the field of finance. This can vary from a background in accounting, finance, banking, taxation etc. This is a degree most suitable if you have a love for all things numbers related. You can then enjoy a career in the management of personal, public or business funds with a finance degree.

With an increasing demand for finance professionals, it may be worth your while to consider studying finance if it is a field that interests you. You can end up with a very lucrative career with constant growth and success as finance graduates are well sought out in the market. 

Key subjects you would study

Finance degree courses entail learning and studying about accounting, financial statements, financial markets, and statistics and so on. Imagine everything finance and math related and you will sure to be cover it under the course of your degree.

Career paths to choose from as a finance graduate

As a finance graduate there many different career paths you can chose from and follow. Possible options can be to find job roles as:

  • Financial advisor
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial planner
  • Financial services sales agent
  • Budget analyst
  • Security analyst 

Places you can work at after your graduation

A bachelors in finance allows you to apply for entry level positions in financial firms including:

  • Commercial banks
  • Investment banks
  • Brokerage firms
  • Financial insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Real estate companies

Financial certifications that can be of benefit to you

Often at times a student’s financial bachelor’s degree is not the final step in their financial studies journey. You can also follow up your bachelors in finance with various finance certifications. This is not compulsory but can be a good to have on your resume. It always helps to have additional skills in your portfolio and same is the case with finance certifications.

Employers do prefer young professionals with certain financial certifications and encourage them to get certified as it helps widen your career opportunities and climb the organizational ladder. Popular financial certifications include:

  • Certified Financial Analyst
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Chartered Financial Consultant
  • Chartered Investment Counselor

Why this can be a beneficial degree for you

A bachelors in finance is a degree with high demand in the market, from both the public sector and also private sector firms. The bachelors in finance degree will prepare you for your future career with a deep understanding on key principles of financial management. You will get a chance to practice your theoretical knowledge and test it in a financial business environment. 

The degree imparts key skills and a critical understanding of making optimal business decisions. It results in learning how to effectivity and optimally utilise finances and assets to create the best value. Graduates with a bachelors in finance can move onto a very rewarding career in the field of finance with multiple career options.

If you believe you have a knack for finance and numbers and are looking to join a study stream that results in a gratifying future career path, then you should definitely consider studying finance degree courses.

There is nothing much difficult in this degree, you just have to attempt few papers and you are done. From this degree you will surely get help in your professional life. Much more benefits are yet to discover for this degree course but I think this explaination will clearly helps you to find out that what is perfect and what is not? If you like this post, just share it.

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