How To Choose Gift Boxes With Silver or Gold Foiling?

How To Choose Gift Boxes With Silver or Gold Foiling?

Gift boxes are the best alternative to typical brown boxes that need further wrapping and do not give the quality and appearance like these custom made boxes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. These boxes are made up of paper board, cardboard, e-flute corrugated cardboard, and kraft paper depending on the need of the customer.

Would you appreciate a poorly wrapped paper gift which does not have any finished edges, torn off tape from the sides, and packaging that takes years to unpack? or a very elegant box printed in beautiful colors or patterns that has a unique shape and an easy closure?

Obviously not a poorly packed box!

Packaging industry has made customization really innovative and full of opportunities that let consumers design their boxes from the scratch. It was not possible few years ago but now it is not a big deal to have the packaging of your own choice, so why not create something that represents you to the fullest.

Gift boxes are used for various purposes. They are used by the companies for their customers, people use these boxes for occasions like birthdays, wedding, baby showers, and festivals because of their uniqueness and the role they play in developing an image.

These boxes are self-marketing because of the custom designs that are chosen according to the personality of an individual or a company.

Their unique shapes grab customer’s attention at first glance and urge them to appreciate the work and effort.

The material used for these boxes is graphics compatible which allows any color, design, logo, names, and patterns to be imprinted on their surface in high quality.

Gold And Silver Foiling

The thing that makes these gift boxes stand out in the eyes of the audience is foiling in gold and silver that gives a really luxurious look to an ordinary box in the most cost-effective way. Gold foil boxes and silver foil boxes are not restricted to any particular size and shape, even the designs.

The exciting part is that you can get any design, pattern, text or logo foiled in golden or silver color. Now the task is how to choose that best foiling for your gift boxes that really speaks for themselves and the one giving it.


If you are planning to have a custom artwork for your silver foil boxes and patterns for golden foil boxes it is important to create a vector file rather than bitmap or raster. The reason behind it is that it affects the resolution of the image and will make your foiling look terrible. The artwork has to be brought on a printing film at a resolution of 2000 dots per inch and bitmap does not have 2k dots per but just 300dpi. On the other hand vector is all about the lines that can be expanded and reduced in size without affecting the dpi that gives the details.

In easy words it would be like, create your artwork on illustrator that creates vector files.

Make Sure Of The Foil Dyes

It is important to know if you or the company that is making your gold foil boxes is using the right type of foil dye. There are three basic types of foil dye;

  • Magnesium is the cheapest of the all that is used to make designs on silver foil boxes or golden foil boxes. This is not suitable for high details and cannot be used for a long term. This dye is light weight and heats up quickly.
  • Copper dye is more expensive than the magnesium. A lot heavier and takes more time to heat up for foiling and takes more time to etch which means it will give shallow dyes.
  • Brass, the most expensive metal. It is the strongest of the all. This dye is best for high and intricate details. It lasts longer and gives best foiling.

These are the things that you do not need to know but are important if you want to have the best gold foil boxesand there is no shame in asking your provider about which one are they using as you are paying a lot of money for it and do not want your boxes cheap looking with smudgy designs.

Understanding Your Need

Those were the technical things that directly affect the quality of your silver foil boxes for gifts. Can’t say what’s next is more or less important than the previous points but it really matters in choosing the right gold foil boxes.

To get a right box for your company or that special person or occasion it is important to understand your vibe. Not all gold foil boxes suit every occasion and matches to the personality. Different foiling looks good with different colors as gold foil on pastel color would give a retro vibe and if a black box is foiled in gold it will be a strong statement box that represents power and sophistication. Matching and matching of the colors and designs is important for impressive gold and silver foil boxes.

Understand Your Audience

To get the best boxes it is important to understand the person you are getting these boxes for. Different people of diverse age group and gender have different likes and preferences. It is important to use the designs and colors with correct foiling that complement customer’s type. It helps in attracting wide range of audience and not just a few.

Go For Wholesale Deals

The material used to make these boxes is extremely affordable and the advanced printing techniques have made printing and foiling cheaper. Getting boxes in bulk will cost less and gives a consistence supply without any difficulty and mistake.

Choosing the right packaging designs is not as simple as it feels and not as complicated as it sounds, only if you know what do you want and have basic knowledge of it.

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