Make Sure Your Car is Ready When You Go to College
Make Sure Your Car is Ready When You Go to College

As the summer is almost over, everyone is gearing up to go back to schools and colleges. The college students will be gathering all of their belongings and moving to the campus in their cars. However, as a college student you need to ready your car before hitting the road. Driving for hours to reach your campus will need a lot of energy and a well-conditioned car to support you. Here are some tips which can help you out in checking the condition of your car before you leave for college after a long break. 

Hood And Fluids

You can either use your car’s manual or ask your parents or guardian to guide you through the process. Every part of your car is equally important and you should take your time when inspecting your vehicle. Start off with the hood of the car and check all the fluids. You can check the coolant, engine oil, brake oil and power steering system. If any of the fluid is low then use the recommended fluids to reach the maximum level. 

You should also make sure that the fluids are not leaking. If there is a leakage observed, then take your car to the Auto Body Shop and get it inspected. The shopkeeper will resolve your issue without replacing the leaking spot. 

Battery Level

Batteries are known to give up on you when you are travelling. You should inspect the battery and get it replaced if it is defective. You should also ensure that the battery terminals are well-connected and the wires are tight. 

Brakes and Tires

You should always keep a spare tire on your car for unfortunate times. Check the condition of the tire and make sure it is aired up. Also check the rest of the tires of your car and make sure all of them are aired up and no tire has excessive pressure. When the tires are checked, move on to the brakes and check if both the manual brake and hand-break are working properly. 

If there is an issue with the breaks then you should get it checked by a mechanic at earliest. A defective break can be dangerous as it puts your life at risk. 

Miscellaneous Tips   

You can check the Auto Radiator, windshield wipers, your music system, emergency kit, flashlight, non-perishable snacks, water bottles. You can also find car services near your college just in case if anything goes wrong during your stay at college. You can also get everything checked form an auto body shop and they can do the car check for free. Students get special discounts and free services so don't forget to avail such services. Always be on the lookout for offers online on social media. 

The Headlights And Tail Lights

You can ask one of your parents of any of your friends to help you out in accessing the lights. Sit on the driving seat and switch on the headlights, flashers and direction signals one by one. Once all of the lights have been tested and all of them are working properly, you can move on to checking other parts of the car. 


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