What is Bulk Email Marketing? And How Is It Affecting your Business?

Email Marketing has become an essential channel for business. Since the introduction of Internet Email Marketing has taken place. Worldwide user of Email will be 3 billion by the end of 2020. 

So you can imagine how powerful is Email Marketing. In the business world, about 205 billion Emails are to be sent every day. While there are other more channels to communicate with your audience. Email is still the most popular media of communication. 

Why you should choose Bulk Email Marketing?

Cost - Email Marketing is cheap, there are no media which is as cost-effective as Email Marketing. Whether you do Email Marketing by yourself or through an Email Marketing Agency, Email marketing is cost-effective for advertising. 

Success - Success rate of Email Marketing is huge. With Email Marketing, you can target specific customers. Email Marketing’s ROI is often higher than other direct marketing strategies. But to achieve this you need to get it right.   

Measurable and Flexible - Email Marketing provides analytics that is easy to track the response and you are able to measure which campaign has performed well. With this flexibility, you can track which campaign is working and which one is performing. 

Key Advantages of Email Marketing 

Email Marketing has several key advantages over traditional media platform. Here are some advantages- 

  1. Return on investment can be tracked and has proven the data-driven result. After the search marketing, Email marketing is the second most effective for modern marketing tactics.  

  2. Advertisers can reach to the substantial number of Email subscribers who have opted-in to receive the email communication.  

  3. Over half of the internet users check or send their mail every day. 

  4. Email Marketing allows marketers to reach out to customers with more personalized and relevant messages. 

Tips for Successful Bulk Email Marketing Campaign-

To achieve success in Email Marketing for your business, here are some tips for you can follow- 


  1. Design for mobile- Nowadays, reading the mails from mobile has increased a lot.  Probably your customers are reading email on their smartphones. So you need to design the content and design accordingly. 

  2. Attractive subject lines- Subject line that relates to your audience increases the possibility of opening the Email. In this case, you need to give a lot of thoughts on the subject lines. 

  3. Automate the campaigns- If you have the infrastructure to automate the Email campaigns. Email Marketing automation strategy is applicable for Big Companies and E-commerce industry. Using the automation companies are sending emails to aware of the customer.  

  4. Segment the target list- Email Marketing allows to segment the list based on many variables. Like who opened it, who didn’t open the mail. 

  5. Keep it short and simple - Try to keep the messages short and simple. Just directly, let them know about the key messages about the product/service. 

  6. Test the campaigns- It is obvious that, before sending the main campaign you must test it and cross-check the whole content and image and links. 

Designing Email Marketing in 2020 

Since the number of smartphone users is growing worldwide, reaching over than 257 million of them is very important. Developing Bulk Email Marketing Campaign that is mobile friendly and responsive email design is effective. 

Mobile-friendly Email are some of the simplest to design because they rely on a single format layout. This ensures that the email is still easy to read depending on the device which is used to view it. 

Responsive Emails

Responsive emails rely on media queries that can be changed and modify later. Email adapt to not only fit varying screen sizes but also allow for Email components to change depending on the device as well. Depending on devices there some variables like font sizes, colors, and content order. 

Many marketing teams would go with responsive design because they can easily be set up in a template and changed as required. 

Some important Email Marketing Stats in 2019- 

1. Marketers want to invest in Email Marketing- Among 85% marketers wants to invest in Bulk Email Marketing, because Email Marketing helps your business to grow. You can segment the target list and shoot accordingly. 

2. More than 3 Billion people use Email - Market experts are assuming that it will continue 4 billion in 2022. The user of Email is enormous, so there is endless possibility. 81% of people who shop online is willing to shop more if receive regular emails with promotional and new products. For B2C products marketers enjoy Emails and the conversion rate is at least 49%. 

3. ROI Of Email Marketing 

For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $40. 

Apart from any other social media, the ROI of Email marketing is the most significant. Every $1 of investment on Email Marketing results on an average of $40. 

4.  Personalize your email campaign, can get up to 760% revenue increase.

There are few companies who are personalizing the Email campaign. But those who are doing it are having 760% increase in revenue. Besides personalization, open rate is an important thing. Personalization helps to increase the possibility of Email open rates. 

5. Email open rate on mobile devices grew by 30% 

Using mobile phones has increased and using mobiles to read the Email has also increased as well. In 2013 email open rates on a mobile device very low about 21% but in 2016 it increases and reached 68%.  At the end of 2020, it is expected to rise more than 75%. 

In a nutshell, here are some of the pro tips 

Personalizing email is very crucial,

Optimizing for mobile usage,

Segmented and targeted email helps to generate more revenue,

Companies who sent regular newsletter receive the best open rate,

Consistency is the key in Email Marketing. 

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