Toronto Mayor Apologizes for Drunken Behaviour and Wants Crack Video Made Public

By Maria
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has used his weekly radio show to apologize for "errors" and drunkenness, but said that he did not plan to leave his job.

He said that his actions were "stupid" and that he would try to reduce his consumption of alcohol.

Mr Ford is under pressure after Canadian police revealed that they had recovered a video appearing to show him smoking a crack pipe.

He denied smoking crack, and called for the video to be released.

During his Sunday radio program, he said that he had "made mistakes", including being drunk in public when he appeared at a street festival in August.

"I am sincerely, sincerely sorry for my family, for the citizens, for the taxpayers of this great city."

He is committed to make a few lifestyle changes, saying that he would moderate his consumption of alcohol rather than shut down completely.

He added: "I will fight as anyone has seen to winning the next election"in October 2014. ".

Last week, Mr Ford dismissed the appeals of Toronto Councillors to resign. Four major Toronto newspapers have published editorials calling for him to stop.
Mystery Video

Last week, Canadian police reported that they had recovered a video from a wiped hard drive appearing to show Mr Ford smoking a crack pipe.

Police did not enter into detail on the content, but said it was consistent with previous media portrayal.

The Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford ordered the press to leave his property last week

Reports first emerged in May of the existence of the video, but it has never been made public.

The police has not filed criminal charges against Mr Ford as part of the video.

Reports of the existence of the video sparked a massive police investigation in the Mayor and his associates, including a friend and occasional driver Alexander "Sandro" Lisi.

Mr Lisi has since been accused of possession and trafficking marijuana. Police said Thursday that he faces now a charge of extortion against the video.

According to police, the video will be released when Mr Lisi goes to trial for drug trafficking and extortion.
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