Protection of Cars in Uncovered Locations
Protection of Cars in Uncovered Locations

Does your vehicle spend the night and day in a spot? If so, be careful . The sun tends to dry and burn the paint, both in the medium and long term. But not only that. Other parts of the vehicle, such as the dashboard, for example, may dry out and even crack with solar heat.

Anyone looking for this accessory reallyintends to protect the car bodywork fromthe actions of nature, especially when the car is exposed without the protection of covered garages . Maintaining the cover is simple. Only it is not recommended not to use the cover with the vehicle freshly painted, wet or with excess dust on the ford covers for car.

The automotive covers are not exclusive to those who leave the car discovered location. There are people who prefer to use the item in vehicles in indoor garage. The use is also advisable for those who live on the coast, due to the sea air.

It is important to know how to choose the right type of cover for your car, see what they are:

- PVC (or plastic) - do not resist the sun and can cause paint damage

- Polypropylene - is permeable, made of unique material (soft synthetic fabric), but widely indicated for vehicles that are in covered garage, to avoid scratches, dust and stains on the paint (but can get in the sun).

- Polyethylene - are similar to PVC, but more resistant to the sun (have no liner)

Partially lined polyethylene - they are sun resistant and come with roof, hood and rear lining (except on the sides).

- Special textured full - lined polyethylene - considered by experts to be the best covers on the market. They are 100% waterproof, welded to prevent rain infiltration. They are thermal insulators, preventing external heat from passing to the vehicle's paint.

Now that you know the importance of covers in maintaining your car paint, check out the ones we have available in our online store.

Tips on Using a Car Cover

To protect your car paint in situations where it is exposed to the weather or stopped for a long time is not just buying a cover, you need to know how to use it to end up not creating other problems. Here are some tips on how to use the protective car cover :

1 - Give preference to covers that use polyethylene on the outside. They do not deteriorate paint such as PVC, for example.

2 - The lining of the cover is important because it avoids problems with painting as scratches.

3 - Only put the cover with the car clean. Dirt in contact with the cover may produce scratches on the bodywork.

4 - Buy proven waterproof covers. Rain and serene can also damage the paint and its shine.

5 - Do not cover the vehicle while it is still wet or damp as this may damage the paint varnish.

6 - Facilitate ventilation. On very hot days it is important to avoid overheating the surface.

7 - Wait for the vehicle to cool before covering it. If you have just arrived and the engine is warm, it is best to wait for it to cool down.

Automotive covers protect from the sea air, dust, sun and even help in the conservation of your car. Learn about the best selling car cover models on the market, their benefits and what precautions to take to buy the best option.

How do automotive covers work?

Basically, car covers are protective blankets for vehicle bodywork. Its application is quite simple and resembles that of an elastic sheet, simply extending it over the entire car and then attaching it to the base of the front and rear bumpers.

Available in a wide range of materials, features and prices, automotive covers can be found easily, either on the internet or at automotive component stores. Here, it is worth noting the huge variety of the segment.

Therefore, when choosing a protective car cover, be aware of the following criteria.


Vehicle cover sizes are those traditional industry standards:

•             small for hatches and compact sedans;

•             medium, for compact pickups, medium hatches and sedans, and small SUVs;

•             large, for large sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

If your vehicle has a very specific bodywork, pay particular attention to the recommended dimensions expressed in the product description.

Material and technology

These are criteria aimed at the consumer's purpose. Currently, there are automotive covers are marketed in the following materials:

•             synthetic leather ;

•             neoprene;

•             fabric;

•             lycra;

•             vinyl;

•             TNT

Each of these has different chemical properties and, depending on your choice, may have features such as:

•             UV blocking or reflection for vehicles parked in uncovered garages;

•             permeability, preventing moisture absorption by cars parked indoors;

•             impermeability for those parked outside under the action of rain and dew;

•             padlocks, ideal for vehicles on display as they prevent unwanted visibility.

As you may have realized, we cannot determine which blanket is the best on the market because different specifications exist to suit audiences with different needs.


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