Money Making Remarketing services and their Ad strategies

Money Making Remarketing services and their Ad strategies

Remarketing or retargeting is the tactic of serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website few days or few months ago. Technically speaking, remarketing services make use of a tag which is known as a pixel to place a cookie in the browser of user.

Remarketing is also known as retargeting and it is the tactic of serving targeted ads to audience who have already visited or taken action on your website in past. Technically speaking, remarketing services make use of a javascript tag which is known as a pixel to place a cookie in the browser of user. This cookie then informs a retargeting platform to serve specific display ads via ad exchange, based on the webpages or products the user has engaged with or visited on your website or application.

Remarketing services can be used to promote a specific product or an offering, or to achieve certain conversion goal such as button clicks, ebook downloads etc. For example, in eCommerce, remarketing ads can be aimed to recover abandoned carts, by showing the product the user has added to the cart but did not purchase it.


Benefits of remarketing services:

Remarketing services are getting popular because of following benefits.


1.      Guide users to take next step in the product purchase

Remarketing reminds visitors of their desire to engage with your brand. Remarketing process can facilitate the move to the next step of the conversion funnel. If the visitor has left a product page, for example, the remarketing ad can be displayed to them immediately, leading the user to the product page directly where they can be motivated to move to the next stage of the buying funnel i.e. adding the item to cart or making transactions if it is already present in the shopping cart.


 2.      Increasingly relevant ads

Remarketing ads can be personalized to make them relevant to the user and their needs. They can be personalized according to each user or specific customer segments. This personalization can be done through the use of dynamic ads that automatically adapt promotions and content specifically to each user and make sure they are exposed to the most relevant creative.

Making use of dynamic ad solutions fused with automated personalization increases the richness of remarketing campaigns. This results into deeper user engagement as well as higher marketing ROI.

Remarketing services are the clever way to connect with visitors to your site who have not made an immediate purchase. It is great way to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience who had previously visited your site.

The remarketing ads can be shown on any site that accepts advertising from the Google Display Network. Google Remarketing is a perfect advertising tactic where the sales process is long and competitive. It can be a powerful tool to boost sales conversions and to raise your brand profile if executed in the right way.


Ad formats and sizes

Most remarketing ads are delivered in the form of text and/ or images and are managed from Google AdWords. Now more and more ads are becoming animated. Image animation in display ads are usually achieved by GIFs or HTML5.

Display ad size is determined by the spaces allocated to them on websites that display the advertising. There are standard sizes available and at Adhesion we recommend building display ads to the most common 4 or 5 sizes normally.


Facebook Remarketing

Facebook remarketing is another platform for remarketing that works very similar to Google remarketing, in that audience lists can be created from people’s Facebook User IDs as well as phone numbers, emails. Then you can take these lists and generate smart lists of Facebook users which is called ‘Lookalike Audiences’. Facebook generates a user based on the people in your list, then creates list out of Facebook users who are 99% similar to average user. This is an impressively powerful property for reaching potential customers.

A social media management company can make use of best tactics for Google remarketing as well as Facebook remarketing.


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