How to Treat your Chinchilla Rodent Pets

By Denise
Not everyone is capable of handling chinchillas as pets because these rodents possess a character and behavior of other pets we have at home. If you plan to get one, it is a requirement for pet owners to have sufficient knowledge on how to properly take care of them so that chinchillas can live longer and healthier. Here are 3 tips on how to treat your pet chinchillas:

Chinchillas have a delicate digestive system

Chinchillas need a good type of food to make them live longer. You cannot feed them with ordinary food, because they have a very delicate digestive system. Chinchillas are not used to fatty foods, because they may have an upset stomach easily, you can give them fresh vegetables instead. There is appropriate quality chinchilla pellets that can supplement their daily nutritional needs. Most chinchillas can consume one to two tablespoons of granules per day. Diet rich in fiber is also good for your pets, but the chinchillas must be supplemented with fresh Hay several times in a day. Perhaps given chinchillas treats, but in limited quantities. Too soft food is not good for them too.

Keep your chinchilla

Chinchillas like other rodents are especially active at night. They are considered to be nocturnal, play, run and climb it is why a larger cage is especially recommended for them. Chinchilla cage must be securely placed in a quiet environment where they can't be disturb by all human activities since chinchillas are also sensitive to noise. The temperature should be at a comfortable level from 65 to 75 degrees F only if the cage must be located away from direct exposure to the Sun. Wire is the favorite type of equipment cage for chinchillas since plastic cages can be easily destroyed. Chinchillas like to chew on plastic materials and accessories. It is important to choose the right type of cage for chinchillas so that they move and play around quite easily.

Dust bath

Unlike all other animals that we have at home chinchillas have no other way to clean, but by dust baths. Chinchillas need to be cleaned to stay healthy by dust baths regularly. Although there may be people who find it difficult to give them a dust bath, but in reality this is done easily. They are not allowed to get wet directly in the water because soaking them in water will remove its natural oils. Chinchilla dust bath may be given at least two times a week, usually while they are awake and most active at night time. About 10 to 15 minutes of dust bath is good enough for them to get clean and neat. Dust bath is important for chinchillas to their fuller and smoother layers.

When you want to have the chinchillas as pets, it is normal to have the necessary knowledge and advice on how to properly treat your chinchillas animal of company. You can actually feel a different sense of accomplishment when you see your pets more and more and see them get healthier every day. Having a robust information of treating chinchillas is a great help for the total well-being of the chinchilla pets.
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