12 Things That Every Hotel Manager Does

12 Things That Every Hotel Manager Does

Ensuring guest satisfaction is at the heart of what every hotel manager does. A happy guest is the biggest win for any hotel manager. Here are 12 things that every successful hotel managers do to ensure happy guests.

            1.       Speaking With The Right Tone At the Reception

Reception is where the journey of the guests starts. Hotel managers insist on training the staff at the reception desk to speak with a positive and enthusiastic tone.


            2.       Training Employees To Remember Guests Name

Guests like the personal touch when they are greeted by their name throughout their time in the hotel. Efficient hotel managers make it a must for the employees to remember the guest names.


             3.       Using Foreign Language to Greet Customers

Hotels that have international clientele should greet customers in foreign languages. Efficient hotel managers insist in using foreign language when appropriate.


             4.       Language Assistance

Offering language assistance to arriving guests is really important. This is a must under the watch of an efficient hotel manager.


             5.       Creating Personalized Experiences

Successful hotel managers walk that extra mile to create personalized experiences for the guests. Many managers have created selfie zones in hotels, with interesting backdrops to create memorable experiences for tech savvy customers.


             6.       Extra Care For The Guests

Providing superior care to the guests is what hotel managers focus on. They strive to provide extra care for the guests such as help them relieve their stress with introducing services like aromatherapy.


            7.       Expressing Gratitude

Hotel managers know how expressing gratitude to customers make them feel special. They train associates to thank their guests throughout their stay.


            8.       Offering Welcome Drinks

Hotel managers do the best to make guests feel comfortable. Offering infused welcome drinks to guests is a great way to show affection.


           9.       Treating The Guests Pet Right

Guests love when their pets are treated with love and care. Considering guests pet a part of the family is one good way to have the customers talking about hotel in a good way.


         10.   Recording Guests Performances

Recording guests, especially the repeat ones, preferences is a good way to treat them more personally each time they visit the hotel.


         11.   Regular Clean-Up of Vacant Rooms

Hotel managers should ensure the vacant rooms are regularly clean.


         12.   Recording Special Events

A successful hotel under an efficient hotel manager hosts parties for special events such as guests’ birthday parties and wedding anniversaries.


The hotel industry welcomes you with a bright and rewarding career. If you’re a student of one of the top hotel management colleges in Kolkata then you have learnt all the necessary things that a hotel manager should learn.

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