Was Snowden China's Secret Spy at the CIA?

The US government and several members of congress now believe Edward Snowden is a traitor and has defected to Mainland China.

Did China pay Snowden to reveal information on how the CIA gets and processes information? The Hongkong Morning newspaper is now reporting that Snowden granted them an interview and disclosed that the US regularly hacks into Chinese communication firms and government computers to glean information.

This is certainly a blow to US propaganda that has often identified China as the culprit. The news has often been filled with information often alleging hacking at US government and private company computers by agents sponsored by the Chinese government.

We have heard of hacking centers hidden deep in University campuses in Shanghai and other parts of China where these hackers often operate from. What is obvious now that was only a speculation before is that hacking other governments and foreign private entities is normal business as usual for the Feds, but when another sovereign government does it to the US, it becomes a crime that requires prosecution. It's funny the US does not even consider that even remotely as a double standard.

The Hongkong Morning reports that Snowden provided it with documents that prove the US engages in frequent hacking of China. This will be a huge embarrassment for the Feds if the documents turn out to be true given that they are coming out at a time when the US has been pressuring China to crack down severely on hacking originating from mainland China.

Whether Snoden's choice to go to China was by design or chance, time will reveal his true intentions. Snowden claims he is not running either from the government or from prosecution, but rather on a cause to to reveal what is wrong about the NSA program.

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