Benefit Concert Held for 5-Year Old Autistic Child in Maumee, Ohio
Benefit Concert Held for 5-Year Old Autistic Child in Maumee, Ohio

Little Terren Weidman of Maumee, Ohio was diagnosed with a rare disease known as panhypopituitarism in 2018. This is a condition wherein the production level of anterior pituitary hormones in the body falls drastically. Panhypopituitarism usually occurs as a result of other health issues that hinder the functioning of the pituitary gland, thus causing a decrease in hormone production.
In the case of Weidman, the disease had several peripheral impacts on his health. It led to Terren going blind and even resulted in the display of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms. For the past year, Terren's family had been searching desperately for an effective treatment or therapy that would be able to counter this serious health problem.

Finding a Solution

Eventually, while searching for a treatment that could help their child, Terren's family came across hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT. The idea was new to them and they didn't immediately know what to make of it. The boy's condition, on the other hand, was deteriorating with every passing day. It was then his parents decided to take a leap of faith and try out HBOT for their child. 

They decided to place their trust in the physicians and health professionals, who said that hyperbaric therapy might be able to help their child recover. Many renowned athletes and sportsmen, they were told, had successfully used HBOT to recover quickly from serious sporting injuries.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT has been used by physicians over the decades to help patients recover from various health conditions and ailments, which includes carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness in divers, traumatic brain injury (TBI), chronic diabetic wounds, osteomyelitis, actinomycosis, ligament tears, and cerebral palsy.

In recent years, many studies have found that hyperbaric therapy can provide great benefits to children suffering from neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. Hyperbaric therapy involves a lengthy medical procedure that could span weeks or months. HBOT can be administered at a hospital, a dedicated hyperbaric clinic, or at the home of the patient if they decide to rent or purchase a personal hyperbaric chamber.

During a hyperbaric session, the patient will have to enter a sealed compartment known as the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This chamber would normally have a transparent window for observation, a mattress for the patient to lie down on, and perhaps even a small medicine cabinet. Patients may enter the hyperbaric oxygen chamber with a book or magazine to pass the time, or they may choose to sleep through the session instead.

Inside the HBOT chamber, 100 percent pure oxygen is administered to the patient under heightened atmospheric pressure levels. The level of atmospheric pressure inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber can be as much as 2 to 5 times higher than normal pressure at sea level.

How HBOT Works

Hyperbaric therapy works by increasing the supply of oxygen in the patient's body. The pure and unadulterated oxygen inhaled by the patient inside a hyperbaric chamber dissolves quickly into his or her bodily fluids thanks to the enhanced atmospheric pressure levels. Once the pure oxygen has been absorbed by the plasma, spinal fluid, etc, this leads to an increase in the supply of oxygen to the tissues.

Parts of the body that had so far been deprived of adequate oxygen supply due to an injury or inflammation blocking the blood flow, will now be able to get additional oxygen through these bodily fluids. So, even injured organs with damaged blood vessels will no longer be suffering from insufficient oxygen supply, which can prevent recovery.
Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders are often caused by an insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain. Hyperbaric therapy can remedy this problem and restore some of the functionality of the damaged brain tissues.

A few sessions inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber can enable an autistic child to communicate with parents and caregivers, understand instructions, and deal calmly with disturbances or interruptions in their routine. Overall, HBOT can improve an autistic child's ability to function in society.

The Role of HBOT in Helping Terren Weidman Recover

Doctors recommended HBOT to Terren's parents in the hopes that the additional supply of oxygen will facilitate the development of cells and tissues in his eyes. This, they hoped, would help him recover his vision while at the same time minimizing the symptoms of autism.

Doctors prescribed about a month of hyperbaric therapy for Terren. The treatment was expensive, and for a time, Terren's parents wondered how they would be able to afford it. But they were determined in their efforts to help their sick child, and on Sunday, June 30th, their family and friends gathered at the Parkway Sports Bar in Maumee in support of the cause.

Terren's father, Franki Jaye, is a local DJ and a part of the Showstopper DJs. Franki decided that the perfect way to help his son would be to host a live music event in his honor. Terren loves music, and so his family decided to organize a benefit concert to help their son recover from the illness that had so drastically changed his life.

Many people turned up to show their support to Maumee's little rockstar in his time of need, turning the benefit concert into a roaring success! Now, all we can hope for is to Terren get better in no time and see the world through his own eyes.


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