How reading preferences have changed over time

How reading preferences have changed over time

Changes in behaviour or preferences, is the most obvious form of evolution. It may not be witnessed by an entire generation at the very same time, but we all go through it. When we are younger, our drinking capacity towards beer or such fizzy drinks is high whereas once we get a bit older, our tastes are refined. We like finer things in life, such as scotch or a date night at the fine dine instead of Chinese takeout. Changes in preferences are not a reflection of your bank account but exposure to a wider periphery in life, in the form of experiences. Experiences that are gained either by meeting new people, travelling the world, switching roles in a job or just by reading books.

Every typical reader’s initial exposure to the joys of reading begins with fantasy. We have, at some point in time, read all the ‘Harry Potter’ novels when we were kids. It then evolves to more intricate fantasies such as ‘Game of Thrones which transforms many in to reading connoisseurs. These people are often found at a book club, sipping wine and discussing, how an ending of the book should have been, if they were the writers themselves.

The latest trend in book reading has bought a whole new genre in light, adult stories. Watching videos has its own charm, but adult stories lead your mind to a whole new degree of imagination. Here, you can not only visualize the characters but also the entire set up. Your mind is the most beautiful thing in this universe and reading stories based on real life characters takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, you have never experienced before. With real life characters, the relatability of personality with faces becomes easier. People have a stronger imagination towards building their characteristics in a real environment, which may even be at their local grocery store. These kinds of stories often leave one with a turmoil of unexpected expectations from either the person being narrated about or the environment the situation is based on.

Another genre catching up with the latest trends in reading for adults are the confessions by real users. A study shows that more than 40 percent of people from Information technology have taken interest towards reading confessions over past couple of years. With the availability of online forums, people are finding solace in venting out their experiences and allowing their online peers to validate. This validation is often led by discussions on how exciting the act was or would have been. People feel free to narrate their most intimate details in an anonymous mode which leaves the reader excited. There are many books, blogs and even articles in magazines that release such confessions because people are enjoying reading them. These confessions are a revolutionary form of therapy ensuring utmost anonymity whilst providing a form of precautionary measure for others who read them.

Another type of format that people like to read, now a days is, relationship advice. We have all been there, reading the most serious or funniest problems related to one’s relationship. These kinds of articles are often found in agony aunt columns. Here, an expert is hired for the job because unlike many, these columns are taken seriously and may affect someone’s psychology who is trying to gain a solution for a real problem.  Some of the problems that are often spoken about are related to cheating or trust issues among couples. Doctors provide a sensible answer for such questions that are not just based on biological challenges but also emotional and mental. The most common answers on such topics are on self-reflection and doing what the heart desires to make one happy.

With an onset of technology, humans are exposed to infinite amount of knowledge which can be gained only by reading. So, whatever be your preference, do not stop reading. 

I enjoy writing on various topics which can help in some way for individuals to get free from burn out. Apart from writing, I travel to various places to click some beautiful pictures across Canada.
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