5 Most Important Types of Power Cords

5 Most Important Types of Power Cords

A power extension cord is one of those items which we often take for granted. Even at the time of buying them, we never pay attention to its small details. But the truth is that you need to pay attention while considering it for the important connections of your office or work. 

To help you out in selecting the right power extension cord for your business or home use, we are here with the five types of extension cords. These are good quality, cost-effective, and popular among users out there. So, if you are just powering up your garage, or office, or probably need more line for a video game console you will find a useful type from this list: 

1. Red Extension Cords

Outdoor extension cords are a necessity. Ideally, they should be stronger and more resistant to the outdoor environment. When you consider an outdoor extension cord, you can choose the cords from the available 50ft and 100ft variants to ensure that it’s suitable for any situation. A vinyl covering would ensure that it won’t get too wet or heat up too much in direct sunlight. Plus, such power cords will have a 3-prong grounded plug to keep things extra safe. Due to their length and flexibility, you can even consider them for any of your important projects. Whenever buying it from an online shop, consider reading its reviews and usages to choose the right product. 

2. Yellow Nema Power Cords

Nema power cords” is a popular name in the market, known for quality and usability. This heavy-duty cable offers long bright yellow cord which you can use for anything you need. You can use it for gardening, setting up a toolshed, or maybe for powering up devices at home. It features a lighted LED socket which lights up when there is power in the cord and works as an indicator. Plus, its reinforced prongs would never break or bend. That would effectively render power. The major benefit is that many of them are water resistant. Some of its products come with a lifetime replacement warranty. 

3. The Basic Black Cords

Suitable for all types of electronic use, they are incredibly cheap and reliable. They are available in various lengths, but you can choose the right one based on the requirement. For example, whether you want it for home or office use or maybe just to throw up Christmas decorations. Since they are durable, you can use them to declutter the cord mess in your space. But that’s just about all the small projects. When you need such extension power cords for the outdoor use they can certainly be the best product suitable from a technical point of view. 

4. Small Extension Cords Pack

Sometimes you don’t need a lengthy extension cord. But multiple smaller ones. You would find various small pack power cords and they come with numerous outlets apiece. This way, it becomes easy to multi-task and power anything that you need. They come with this special loop to hang on the wall. It helps with keeping things neat and tidy. 

You can apply the same philosophy in the flat plug extension cord. As you can save a bit of space when getting all things together, either indoors or outdoors. You can even get many of the small cords together so that they can work as a whole. It would encourage a convenience that is perfect for your home, garage, office, or anywhere else where you need a little more cord. 

5. Long Power Cords

Mostly all the power cords come in full length. The important thing to consider is that it should feature a lit plug so that even from a distance you know when it’s powered. For more security and rough use, you can consider double insulated conductors surrounded by an outside jacket. These are sure to not break or crack even in extreme temperature. 

It is important that you consider products which offer a lifetime warranty with purchase. It would be great for those looking to power their outdoor tools or electronics. Hence, look out for positive reviews and grab the right one for your use. 

Out of all these types, one thing you need to consider is safety. Remember that a faulty installation of cables can easily lead to disastrous accidents. Therefore, before you carry out any electrical installation projects, make sure to check all the technical aspects of that environment. 

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