Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Ants: 10 DIY Ideas For Effective Result

Ants - One of the most annoying and leading home pests that could create a lot of trouble for a homeowner. Generally, find a way to your home in search of water and food during the weather change could slowly but thoroughly damage the structure of your house. When a scout ant finds a source of food and other favorable factors in your house it enters and leaves an odor behind for other ants to follow. And that’s why the ant infestation grows rapidly.

Most of the time spotting an ant infestation is difficult to identify and also troublesome to get rid of. That’s the reason that when you spot even a single ant contaminating your place you need to take action. You can always contact a professional help for Ant Control in martin county but for the DIY lover, we have a list of effective natural remedies that can cure and prevent ants in your house and garden.

Effective Natural Remedies To Control Ant Infestation

  • Baking Soda & Sugar - A blend of baking soda, powdered sugar and a few drops of any natural oil can work as a magic to get rid of ants. To get rid of ants pour the mixture in the entries and the places you spotted ants and wait for an effective result. Baking soda has been proven to weaken the digestive system of ants.
  • Boric Acid - Make a mixture of boric acid, sugar or honey, maple syrup, and peanut butter to lure the ants. This can be used both in your garden area and home, boric acid acts as a toxic material for ants. This mixture works as an intelligent bait to ants and poisons them soonest.
  • Edible Diatomaceous Earth - Keeping your garden free from ants is as important as your home, if you can’t find a home remedy effective then it is recommended that you call for professional help for ant control in Martin County. Food grade diatomaceous is a non-toxic ant killer and doesn’t contaminate the edibles in your garden. Simply dust it in your garden to make it ant-free!
  • Cayenne Pepper - Ants attack in a group and you can win most of the battle by breaking their communication through odor. And the strong pungent smell of cayenne pepper can do the job easily. All you have to do is dust it over the exposed area to drive the ants away.
  • Vinegar or Lemon Juice - They both have acidic properties and their smell can kill ants effectively. For vinegar, mix equal portions of vinegar and water and sprinkle it on the targeted area, and for lemon, dip the cotton balls in lemon juice and place them at the entryways of your house.
  • Molasses - An organic and safe measure to eliminate ants. It doesn’t kill the ants but mixing it will orange oil can soften the bodies of the ants which eventually kills them.
  • Peppermint Oil - Just like cayenne pepper, peppermint’s smell is also something that ants hate. You can either plant it in your garden to keep the ants away and if you are not fond of planting then sprinkling a solution of 10 drops of peppermint oil with water is also an effective solution.
  • Baby Powder - Baby powder acts as a barrier between you and ants in your house. Ants detest the baby powder and sprinkling it on door frames, windowsills and in the garden area can prevent the entry of ants.
  • Clove Oil - Clove has been proven to be an effective remedy for pest control as it contains a eugenol-an essential oil that effectively kills ants. The dried cloves work equally because the odor is the same in both cases.
  • Aspartame - If nothing works and you are going to buy a chemical solution to eliminate ants then try this one. Empty a packet of aspartame onto the mounds and see the results. Aspartame has the quality of lacking the senses of ants by its smell and henceforth it can effectively eliminate the ants from your house.
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