What are LED Grow Light and Their Types?

LED grow lights are the artificial lights that are used to grow plants with the use of artificial energy. These lights are designed to grow plants with the use of electric lights. Grow lights are normally used in those places where natural sun rays cannot enter. People use these types of LED grow light in the winter season when there is the availability of sunlight is very insufficient. These lights are used for a minimum period for growing the plants. These LED Growing Lights are powerful lights, and that can harm the plants easily, so it is placed with a proper distance for the better growth of the plant. It provides a certain amount of wavelength of light that is used to grow plants and flowers too.  It is beneficial for those people to focus on indoor plantation can use these LED light for the fast growing of their plants.  These lights manage the outer temperature of the sunlight that is responsible for growing the plant with the use of artificial lights.

Grow lights are easily available in the market. You can also buy grow lights online, where you can get large varieties of grow lights with different features. Grow lights online are much cheaper than the other lights available in the market. Online stores offer some growing LED lights for the best growth of the plants in the area where there is less amount of sunlight enters.  These grow lights comes in many different varieties of color and size like red, blue, green, yellow, organ, etc. All these colors have a different wavelength for the growth of the plants. Particular plants need particular colors of LED lights to grow the plants.

 Types of LED grow lights

There are plenty of LED lights available, with many different features and structure to grow the plants.

•    Advance Platinum grows light:  It is a good LED light to grow plants. This light has a 150W light cover with the complete 11 band of spectrum and had separated modes of different plantation like flowering and other plants. It supports 50W for vegetable grow and 100W for flowers to grow.  These types of LED light are best grow lights for the medium and small sized plants and also contain automatic cooling system.

•    Hydro Glow LED lights: This light consumes 300W of electricity. These LED lights are the best quality of LEDs available in the market for the some special plants that takes time in growing. It is very adjustable light if you want to exceed the amount of raise you can adjust it and also contain innovative reflectors.

•    Lighthouse Hydro black star: Lighthouse Hydro is a kind of black series light. This is one of the best series light for the growth of the plant. It has at least 240W models that are used for 40,000 hours to grow the plants. These led lights come with some advance features like-  larger heat sink,  board design structure, etc.

•    Spectrum king LED lights:  It is one of the best brand LED lights, with 300W light full of a spectrum. It has a large heat sink that makes it possible for you to have powerful lights and extra energy for the growing of the plant.

•    Pro grow light: It is one of the best grow light for the plantation. It is very energy saving, power consumption. It is made up of standard design and easy to install. It is applicable for the long time working.

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