Content Protection Tips for Content Writers

Content Protection Tips for Content Writers

Why content writers need content protection tips?

Stealing other’s original content is considered to be plagiarism and a crime in the eyes of law. That’s the reason why academicians need plagiarism detectors. The internet also has some best free online plagiarism checker. They help academicians to check whether the documents have any duplicate content issues or not. But not every free version plagiarism tool is completely reliable. Some free tools are not capable to protect the content properly. That’s why there are different content checker online available which provides full protection in exchange for a little amount of money.

The creation of copied content should be stopped immediately without further ado, people need to use plagiarism tools and check for plagiarism. People with an academic background, like teachers, professors should have high-quality plagiarism detector, which helps them to detect and avoid plagiarism.


Academicians to Content Writers—Everyone should Protect their Content


It is essential for academics and researchers and even the content writers of varied firms and organization to use content protection tools. They should not submit any documents without going for the similarity check. People from almost all the fields, who are involved in producing content, should scrutinize their documents for plagiarism, before submission. If there is any trace of plagiarism, then the guilty person will have to give the duplicate content penalty.

The rules and regulations are applied to all people. They all should stop copying each other’s work. Content on the site of an organization should need more protection as it ensures the growth of the company or the firm. Since plagiarism is an illegal process and can totally ruin someone’s reputation and if it is the company’s reputation then along with the reputation of the firm its business is also affected. It can also put people in jail. That’s why it is mandatory to protect content or rather produce original content.


Why Duplicate Content Checkers are Necessary?


Plagiarism checkers can inform people about the existing original contents. These days’ freelance content writers often unintentionally come up with duplicate content may be because often they cannot do away with their styles, hence, at times copy their own word, unknowingly. But the search engines want decent quality writing because they are providing visitors to the company for that and it is increasing their sale in return. It is really important to check out for plagiarized content and the free online plagiarism checkers are there to fulfill the purpose. People also need to look into the freelance writer’s background to know if the writer is genuine or not, before giving him/her the work and money. Sometimes people pay a ton of money and still get stuck with duplicate writing.


Important facts to remember before selecting tools for detecting similarity:

1. The search engine shows various results regarding plagiarism checking tools. There are many free websites available on the internet for scanning the text, which is uploaded for plagiarism.

2. Free version tools are frequently used by the people to check the documents and research papers. But the main problem with these apps is that they are not that good at finding out the duplicate content. Hence the checker must know the capacities of the plagiarism checking tool before using it.


Quick tips on protecting content from plagiarism:

There are certain ways to prevent plagiarism. Those are mentioned below…


1) Buy content from trustworthy source: People just can’t buy contents from anywhere. They should buy from a trustworthy source, a source having trustworthy writers and their writing can be used as original content.


2) Copyright one’s property: Writers who create original content can copyright their writing. They should take some time off and mark their own creation so that no one else claims the writings. Though it won’t fully stop all the thieves, it will provide protection to the writer.


3) Know the copyright owner: The main problem arises when someone buys content from other people. In that case, the buyer should know the name of the copyright owner before the transaction, so that he won’t get into any kind of trouble in the future.


4) Be in charge of your own protection: All the writers should use Google search console daily to see if any plagiarism is happening or not. If someone tries to use the writer’s content, then the writer can see that in the result. They can also use URLs like URL parameters, canonical URL to catch the thief.


5) Upgrade on Content Marketing: Online marketing is changing every single day, that’s why everyone should need to stay updated all the time. They can get enough help and academic content marketing is the best place to get help.


6) Check contents by using plagiarism checker: It doesn’t matter whether the content is written or bought from the internet, people should run the whole thing at least once through the plagiarism checker so that the sensors in the plagiarism tools can sense if there’s any kind of plagiarism has occurred. That way people can make sure that the work doesn’t get published without their knowledge.


7) Mention the sources of the content: Sometimes people want to use other writer’s writing in their own work. In that case, they should mention the sites and the name of the writers properly, so that they never get accused of stealing other people’s original work.


Use the 301 Re-direct to save your Content from Duplicate Content Penalty

If you are a blogger or a website then it often happens that people or companies re-design and change their domain. If someone is doing this then they should change the location of those contents there in their old site, for that they should use the 301 re-direct as this will help them to protect their content. It is true that the search engine does not impose any duplicate content penalty but they surely discourage it by lowering the rank of the site and at times the site too, get disappeared from the ranking list.

Now the question may arise is how this particular re-direct helps in protecting the content of a site? Well, if a site is using the 301 re-direct then when the search engine bot will find the re-direct in a content site it will go to the original source, where it has previously been published. Thus, the not-so preferred content page of the company or the blog site will not turn into a duplicate page as the re-direct will be treated as a link to the original source of content. Hence, this is regarded as an important method of protecting the content from plagiarism.



Nobody wants to be called a cheater or a thief. That’s why all the academicians should be encouraged to be original, unique and special. No one is almighty; every person needs help at some point in their life. But that doesn’t make stealing other’s hard work ethically and legally right. There are many books and online websites where people can get enough information about any topic they want. But the presentation of the content has to be genuine and authentic, or else people could see that there’s nothing original left in those documents. Those people have already failed in becoming a true academician. Students, who usually pull off these kinds of things, pissed off their mentors and are no longer capable of becoming successful in life. That’s why from now on; people should stop stealing other people’s creation and start writing on their own.

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