Safety Measures While Snorkelling – Enjoy Underwater Beauty with a Bit of Caution
Safety Measures While Snorkelling – Enjoy Underwater Beauty with a Bit of Caution

Exploring the world under the sea and oceans seems magical. The colourful aquatic flora and fauna, blue or green water and coral reefs- all are breath-taking. There are sports of using Scuba and swim underwater. Snorkelling is swimming along any water surface and when you look down, you get to see oceanic views and colourful world there. You have to put on a mask and float in the water to enjoy the marine lives. But, safety measures are always important. These guides will help you to know about the safety measures to be followed while snorkelling.

Make sure to follow:

  1. Practise before you perform

Snorkelling may seem fun but it also needs practice. Try to book at least one practice session before going into the water. Practise will make you more comfortable. If you are in Pattaya then there are many institutions which offer crash courses on snorkelling and other dive courses in Pattaya. Book a practise session with the best dive courses online. This will help you to a great extent.

  1. Know your equipment

We know that you may not get enough time to have a good practise session. But, at least try to know about your equipment. Everybody shall need the right type of equipment to perform safe snorkelling. Wrong sized equipment can become dangerous. Besides that, do a mock session with all of your equipment.

  • Snorkel - This is one of the most important pieces of equipment for snorkelling. Always try to have a snorkel made from premium quality silicone. It is better to check if the snorkel can be attached to your mouthpiece without any problem.

  • Mask - Always choose a soft mask made from good quality silicone. Check it by wearing. If it feels comfortable then take that mask. A mask made with tempered safety glass is sturdy and less foggy.

  • Fins - Fins are like shoes. Everyone needs a different pair. Go for a pair of fins that fit your legs and do not stop the regular blood circulation in your feet.

  • Snorkelling vest - These vests are compulsory if you do not know swimming or a newbie in case of swimming.

  1. Obey your guide or instructor

Your guide is a pro in this case. So, always listen to your guide's advice while you are underwater. Follow him and if you encounter any problem let him or her know. It can be snorkelling or scuba diving Pattaya, but your instructor is your best help while you are underwater.

  1. Snorkel in a group

If you are a new person then always try to snorkel in a group or with your friends. These can be helpful in many cases of emergencies. You may need some helpful advice and a support anytime when you are new to the scenario and are taking dive courses in Pattaya.

  1. Use guard

Your back will face the sun while you are having a session of snorkelling. Cover your body with a rash guard. These sun protective suits have SPF 50 and also protect you against the attacks of scrapes, jellyfishes and abrasions.

Therefore, it is clear that snorkelling can be a beautiful experience when you have the right guidance. Invest in the right equipment and follow your instructor for a great snorkelling experience. Find the best service provider online and you get your ticket to the colourful underwater experience that you may love.

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