Money is not the main value of loyalty programs

Companies are not just after money, which may seem an odd statement. Customer loyalty is much more important. While it may mean money, it also means that with loyalty, doors stay open. Customer loyalty programs are a way to keep this going. They also are a way to see what customers want, so that can be a priority over what is not wanted. This allows data science programs to be set up to help shape where the company should go. Money is not as important as company longevity in this. Customer loyalty means that people keep coming, which means employees keep their jobs.


Coding in cards


One of the ways that rewards programs are tracked is what is called an MCC code. The merchant category code is a way to track how the customers use the program. The code is given to the businesses from the credit card companies. That is how the credit cards are able to have reward programs that track that the cards are used for what they are needed to. This is the modern way of tracking purchases and knowing what customers want. While people with flat rate cards may not care about this, people with tiered plans should be aware. Knowledge will help them get the most from their cards.


Show true appreciation


Some companies do stuff that is not the normal means of showing customers appreciation. Pizza Hut helped those folks who had forgotten Valentine's Day. Honda showed appreciation with employees shaving names of customers in their hair and other fun ways. This is all done to show that the appreciation is not all about impersonal ways that everyone uses. While there may be little monetary value to customers, it shows that there is real appreciation. That causes loyalty in a way that keeps a business from having to close doors. Customers become real to the employees, as well.


Communication is key


Loyalty members are allowed communication with the companies that regular customers do not have. They get to find ways to deals easier than anyone else. They know when special deals are coming before anyone else. That extra avenue of communication is more valuable than any customers have had before. This is an area that used to be reserved for the rich and connected. Loyalty program members may not be quite at that level, but they do have far more power than most others. That, by itself, has their dollars going much farther than others.


Loyalty program members are able to have something that is usually more valuable to them than just plain dollars. The company gets the ability to last longer, which means they are seen as more valuable. The value may have a dollar value, but it is also about employees being needed and doors staying open. It also shows people that the rich and connected are not the only ones with a chance at perks. This opens more doors for a company to be seen as the place to shop at. That translates into stable stocks, a chance at expansions, and other beneficial parts to running a business.


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