Should the Government Monitor the Private Conversations of Citizens?

Should Uncle Sam monitor your private conversations? Well, we are only getting the tip of the iceberg about how extensive the monitoring programs works. Who did not know big brother was monitoring our conversations?

From much of the survey carried out so far of late, it is clear that Americans do not mind about some government infringement on their private lives if the goal is to ultimately save American lives. What they also do expect is to have a program that is transparent and is not abused by elected officials.

It seems Edward Snowden after having worked for sometime for the CIA and just recently overseeing some aspect of the surveillance program saw it differently. By his own admission, it not appears that our deeper fears have been proven to be right.

Imagine the scandal at the IRS where officials basically refused to grant some right wing groups or made them undergo arduous paper work before being granted ta exempt status whereas their democratic counterparts were usually issued such permits with relative ease. Where was the oversight in that case?

Should we trust the government in this scandal too? The Federal Government had repeatedly said the NSA only monitors the conversations of foreign nationals or immigrants or people who are suspected of terrorism. That seems to be untrue if what Snowden currently alleges turns out to be accurate

We can only at the moment speculate about the good intentions of the program. But if anyone could have been allowed or had the opportunity to snoop on the private conversations of others, then we should cease to believe such secretive program has sufficient oversight.

The judges on this panel for some reason are secretively appointed. Perhaps for security reasons to minimize the burden of having to provide extra security for them. Rolling out their names in public would certainly make them potential targets. Keeping the process secretive also diminishes any meaningful chance of making it transparent and accountable.

The NSA program with many only getting a glimpse seems to be broad. The targeting of routers that transmit large bandwidths of information means no ones communication is safe. Information that is curried from these sources is allegedly stored making it possible for unscrupulous employees to snoop into it at their wimps.

The government has got more to reveal about how effective the program is being carried and what necessary safeguards are they to ensure it is not abused by anyone.

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