What is Social Content Marketing?

Social content marketing can be understood as the meeting point of social media and content marketing. Social content marketing has grown in significance in recent times because the connection between the consumer and social B2B journey is growing.

The basic social content marketing process is the creation of the blogs which are the content hubs and these are shared across social channels and media to a connected audience.

However, effective social content marketing requires a sound content strategy which includes websites and offline activities.

Why social content marketing?

Most buyers are now active on social media channels. Therefore a business needs to share content relevant to the buyers’ journey on social media channels to catch their attention.

Data would have us believe that nearly 90% of the marketers claimed that social media generated immense exposure for their business.

Definitely, businesses need to leverage social media for effective marketing. But when social media is combined with targeted content marketing, the results are phenomenal. Content is the best way to address the needs of the audience.

Social content marketing implies sharing relevant content through social channels.

Social Content Marketing offers a business numerous benefits such as:

By sharing relevant content across social media channels, you will be able to create brand awareness for your business.

Sharing content on social channels increases your audience base leading to more inbound traffic.

According to Social Media Examiner, 58% of marketers who have been using social content marketing for one year or longer have seen an increase in their search engine rankings.

Social content marketing gives an opportunity to personify your brand. This is because the audience can interact with the content that is shared on social media by liking, commenting, sharing it. The audience prefers to follow an interactive brand and trust the credibility of the business.

Having a loyal audience on social media also helps the business because the audience is likely to share your content in their network increasing its visibility.

Overview of social content marketing:

The social content marketing should connect social collaboration with the business principles of the organization.

The social content marketing is integrated into the overall content strategy of the organization.

The content strategy includes a calendar for each social channel which is integrated with the editorial calendar.

Once the overall content strategy including the social content marketing is developed, the next step is to understand the buyer.

Social content marketing focuses on the buyer persona instead of the blog or content hub. It is essential to understand the buyers’ journey, the channels they are active on, and the time that they are active on those social channels.

The marketing team needs to listen carefully and understand the buyers’ needs. Paying attention to what the audience is talking about and the kind of content they are sharing enables the marketers to create content that is relevant for their audience.

Marketers need to look at the user-generated content and integrate their content with the user-generated content.

The content strategy for each social media channel should be different. Many times organizations adopt the same strategy and do not get the desired results.

In Conclusion

Social content marketing is required by businesses so as to have an effective content strategy in place. Creating and optimizing content for specific social media channels is essential so as to connect with the audience. This is because social media is most important in all content marketing efforts.

In this era of hyper-personalized marketing tactics, it is vital that the marketers segment their audience and develop customized social content marketing strategies so as to stay ahead of the competition!

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